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Digital media has most definitely transformed how organizations advertise and market their products and services. This has been done by placing ads on websites such as Pandora, YouTube, and various other websites so that when individuals are visiting the specific website they are required to listen to, or simply view the ad before being able to view the information they came to acquire. Another way is by social bookmarking, websites like Pinterest and YouTube allow you to search and save and come back to view later. Digital couponing is another way digital media has transformed how organizations advertise and market their products and services by digitally delivering coupons and making them available online.

            Before digital media people were receiving organization advertisements from their Sunday morning papers, magazines, word of mouth, and/or by traveling to the different stores. These offers were only looked at by people who were interested in reading newspapers and magazines, and those who enjoyed traveling to shop. In the present-day organizations advertise and market their products by social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc., e-mail, and many other ways. By advertising and marketing products and services online you open your world to attracting more customers globally. Since the digital era is such a growing world, newspapers and magazines have seemed to dwindle away and become a thing of the past, now that people have information they can access at the tip of their fingers you see things of “old fashion shorts” seem to attract a limited audience.

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There are guideline steps to boost customer confidence in the electronic marketplace. Governments who agree to the guidelines are encouraged to evaluate customer protection laws that extend to online shopping to ensure customer satisfaction. Participating Governments cross borders to help eliminate fraud and balance the needs between the customers and the businesses interests. Some of the Governments that participate are but not limited to; United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain. (Electronic Commerce: Selling Internationally a Guide for Businesses 2000)

            I think digital media and the way it has transformed how organizations advertise and market their products and services has changed with both positive and negative impacts. Positive impacts are that it is convenient for both the customer and the business, it saves time to all parties, and make transactions more efficient. The negative aspect is that outsourcing work to get products for cheap and sell them to gain good profit, not knowing what you’re buying because you can’t see it before you buy it, and an ever sever negative outcome of ecommerce is unregulated online buying addictions for consumers with website like Amazon, eBay, etc. (Robert LaRose, 2001). Lastly, ecommerce also because serious threat of security for consumer (identity and credit card fraud/theft), this has been on the rise. 

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