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Do you know which type of energy does United kingdom use most ? However, the most used energy in United kingdom are Electric, Solar, Hydro and nuclear energy.Electric energy                                Electric energy in United kingdom, its generate different ways to produce energy, it is very important to have full sources to generate electricity, so we will have constant supply. Electric energy used in United Kingdom stood 2,249 toons. According to the government website, the government communicates with other talking about reducing electricity.Unfortunately, it contains developments of technologies, different types of energy is creating the amount of electric energy.United Kingdom uses electric energy by sector, they uses around in homes and works, they put households electric energy used in perspective.Solar energy ( How popular are they ? )          United Kingdom is a big country, they uses solar energy every time, consequently, solar energy definitely a lot to save money. Everytime electric energy demand energy to solar energy, the sunshine will meant the solar power produces by. More energies that has coal fired power station, solar energy in United kingdom is taken from lights from the sun’s rays. Solar energy in United kingdom could also be used to make electric energy and also to help United Kingdom to make other forms of energy.Hydro energy          According to the United Kingdom government, United Kingdom has been benefited from Hydro power for well over countries and its currently. However, there’s remain hydro power is the energy who derived from water. It can be from rivers, where water flows high reservoir. Turbines in United kingdom placed within the flow of water to convert Mechanical energy. There were 3 types of Hydroelectric schemes that United kingdom Used, Storage schemes, Run of river schemes and pumped storage schemes.Nuclear         Now a days, Nuclear power still has a “Key Role’ in United KIngdom, it’s keeping lights on and reducing carbon emissions. According to the New United Kingdom website, rejecting suggestions that the United Kingdom government were cooling on plans for a new generation of reactors. In United Kingdom, Nuclear  power used in United kingdom for shops, they need to have the KEY ROLE in United kingdom. Q :How United Kingdom stored energy? A :Did you know United kingdom are depending on saving systems install by its usage. For some new energy stored by, it isn’t enough to available to estimate it, it will need to based on circumstances.Q :Why United Kingdom use renewable energy ?A :The United Kingdom wants to increase the amount  of energy which has omes in a renewable energy. Carbon Dioxide is a natural human sources of carbon dioxide emissions. Natural sources include decomposition, ocean release and respiration in United Kingdom .ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES                    Energy is a useful way of managing waste, it also can be stored with in minimal energy. Also, it can help stabilise of soils, it cost more produces of fossil fuels, it also could produce free energy, is a good time to faith industry. But, the energy generate is still not large enough, it could be unreliable and has a low levels.My prefer                 I prefer to use Hydropower for United Kingdom, because if will help United Kingdom to divert water to the buildings, schools and the environmentsConclusion                                According to the website, United Kingdom has use many kinds of energy, and energies could help the environmental friendly.                                                     

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