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Donald John Trump was born in the heart of Queens, New York on June 14, 1946. Donald Trump had started off his education going to Fordham University to and after a couple years switched to the Wharton School Of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated in 1968 with a degree in finance. While he was in college, Donald Trump worked at his dad’s real estate business where he practice his slick talk and business skills, that would later help him greatly become a successful businessman. Donald Trump started a business with a loan from his father of a small loan of a million dollars, then grew to follow in his father’s footsteps and take over his real estate company later naming it after his family name “The Trump Organization” (1971-2017). He started to switch from directing his career as an  actor to becoming more involved in politics after President Obama took office. Donald Trump had expressed all over Facebook and Twitter on how much he disagreed with Obama’s decisions as president, gaining followers who agreed with his view on the 44th President of the United States. Donald himself ironically became the 45th president of the United States who took office on January 20, 2017 leaving his company in the hands of his children and staff. Leading up to his presidency he had used social media platforms to influence his polls, social groups, and opponents. Donald Trump is famously known for using Twitter as his stage, since the start of his presidency he has tweeted about 2,444 times, that is more than 40 spent online under his belt. Social media influences everyone whether they notice or not more than half of the world has access to social at a percentage of 33.3% that is already a big fish pool involved online expressing their views and opinions.               Without the use of such a big platform he would not have been able to reach his voters since he was being portrayed by the media as a misogynistic old man that only has experience as an actor and not as a politician–many people would say an actor and politician are basically the same thing– this way he was able to get his thoughts and plans through a greater audience.          Social media is used by politicians to influence the 1.96 billion people online, whether it’s citizens or other politicians presidents like Donald Trump can have a significant impact in the way we view him and others. Social media can strongly affect the future especially with millennials and young adults. Technology is always advancing everyday and creating more platforms for people to talk on and express themselves. There are apps online where you can go and just talk about your thoughts anonymously and stay in random people’s houses. This opens up generations to new ideas. Politicians have all sorts of campaigning strategies whither they’re ads, public appearances, news coverage, and speeches but social media is a new tool that has come into play for politics. Many argue that politicians like Donald Trump are taking advantage of the power of social media through platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and but they should be, it’s a brilliant way to appeal to younger voters and reach places they can’t get to without it.Review Of Literature Twitter Twitter has been around for eleven years, introduced on March 21, 2006 and has grown tremendously having 330 million users. Donald Trump’s use of Twitter dates all the way back to 2009, he’s been using it to promote talk shows, his appearances, business, and his acting career. Trump had begun to gain even more momentum as social media grew greater and greater. He started off with vlogs expressing his political views and also views in pop culture, at the time he hadn’t paid twitter much thought. Trump had stuck to mostly appearances on TV and vlogs to get his thoughts across. During the presidential campaign of 2011 Trump had started expressing some of his opinions about a website whose focus was Donald Trump himself called “” this website had introduced the idea of Trump running for president. Trump had started to show an interest in running after the Correspondence Dinner where President Obama and Seth Meyers insulted Trump. He then proceeded to tweet about how Obama was running things and about the republicans. Donald Trump has been know to cover all grounds of social media platforms, he’s used it to his advantage for his business and his own self promotion as well as his families. Donald Trump has used social media since the start of  2009 and he’s know to impulsively uses Twitter on a daily to speak to his 46.8 million followers at all hours of the day. He had used social media platforms to rise up in the business world to build up his brand and he still uses it now to talk to his supporters and those who oppose him directly. Trump tends to discuss topics that seem to have suggested meanings such as a “tweet” posted on October 14, 2012 saying the following “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke” he is indirectly insulting those who are fat and prefer to drink Diet Coke as well as complimenting himself as a normal Coke drinker. Even something so small and simple can cause different social groups to take it In a hundred different ways most of the time negatively and be “shared” and “retweeted” to millions of others. In this generation of technology, more and more people are able to express their opinion, but this also means that there are just as many people opposed to these opinions. Trump even states that without his Twitter account he would not have been able to become the next president of the United States (Enli, 2017). Donald Trump in 2015 wrote the following tweet, “I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th.” Donald Trump is known for his use of calling the democratic party and certain individuals “losers”. His use of name calling is described as that of a small child who’s throwing a tantrum. think about the next time you’re on twitter reading a Donald trump post on how he is glad his building is now the tallest after 9/11 you’d be amazed how similar he sounds like a 6 year old who knocked down another child’s tower so his own can look better (LoGiurato, 2017).LGBTDuring Donald Trump’s campaign of 2016 had expressed his feelings for the LGBT community in the following tweet “Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.”(Trump, 2016), however, later in his time as president in 2017  he had stated that transgender people are now no longer allowed to serve for their country in the United States military saying that it would be costly (Minter, 2017). Trump stated the following on Twitter to the public “After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military” later stated why in the following tweet  “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.” The sudden decision had caused thousands from the LGBT community to feel betrayed by their “commander and chief”. Many people felt that President Trump had gone back on his promise to the community after making the decision that allowed the transgender community to work in the United States military in 2016, that only lasted a year after he backtracked his decision in 2017. Donald Trump’s defense was that the cost of covering the medical expenses for transgender people would be too great for the government to handle. The government shouldn’t pay for a transgender person to transition only in the case of when they get injured while in service physically and mentally (Cooper, 2017).Popularity          Donald Trump has been many things, billionaire businessman, tv host, and president. This article focuses on how Trump used his no-filter way of speaking, and his success, to win the election. Trump has an obvious unconventional political style that mostly has to do with the way he picks apart the political system as well as his opponents. His crude comments toward Hillary Clinton gained him some momentum with many men and some women, Trump insults his opponents without a care which causes the public to see him as someone who isn’t afraid of speaking for what he believes in. Where Trump excels at talking and persuading he lacks in political experience, he still used man’s greatest source of information to help his campaign, the Internet, more specifically social media like twitter. Here’s one reason why Trump got into office, he entertains people, they want to know what he’ll do next and how he’ll do it. Since he has such a big platform to stand on he takes a comedic approach to gain his counts and appeal to republicans (Kira, 2016) Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both ran in the presidential race of 2016, since they both held a lot of influence over the public their social media accounts where looked at frequently. Followers are gained depending on their geographic location, gender, age, and religion. It was shown based off these factors Trumps followers ranged from either very old or very young, while for Clinton was more diverse with gender and ethnicity. Barack Obama introduced the use of social media in 2008 and became a new tool on the political campaign tool box. Barack Obama may have introduced social media as a tool for politicians to use but Donald Trump has mastered how to use it to influence the public (Yuncheng, 2016). Donald Trump in 2015 during the months September and December posted an average of 21 tweets per day having to do with topics on Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and others who oppose him (Jiebo, 2016)Application ProblemCampaigns before the invention of social media had been more difficult to advertise since people didn’t have the advantages of computers. Many politicians realize that having the advantage of being well liked on social media gives them a high boost in the popularity vote during the election like Obama and President Trump. Donald Trump uses social media like Twitter to influence the people and helped him become president.Survey A survey was sent out to the students and teachers of Divine Savior Academy to analyze their knowledge of President Trump and how he used social media to influence the election and still use it during his years as president. The survey was sent to 200 students in Divine Savior, 64 responses where submitted out of all the ones sent. Many students seemed to be comfortable answering multiple questions since they weren’t complex and easy questions based off their opinion. The questions where the following:1.How informed are you about Donald Trump? (One being not at all and five being very informed)2.Do you follow Donald Trump on any social media?3.Do you think Donald Trump uses social media to influence the public negatively or positively?4.Do you think Donald Trump would’ve still became president if he didn’t have social media?Solution              The lack of knowledge over the President of the United States could possibly be based on that not many teenagers care much about politics and only learn who the president is for government class. This information should be used in classes like history, business law and ethics, entrepreneurship, economics, and government. The presidents are already usually learned about throughout high school and grade school but it doesn’t really go into depth about how politics work. People apply politics to everyday life for reasons such as staying informed and making sure who they voted for is fulfilling their duties.   

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