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During this second six weeks in CTE we haved learned how to make anemployment portfolio, learned how to be respectful to other students andadults and haved learned how to be responsible for our actions.An employment portfolio is used when a person is looking for a job oroccupation, in order to get a job the future employer must bring with themthe portfolio that contains information regarding the person that is lookingfor that job that they are applying for. In this portfolio there is a documentthat is known as a resume. This resume is a document that is used by aperson to present their backgrounds and skills and usually haves how activethey are in their community, what their objective is and their education.Another document that is in an employment portfolio is a characterreference letter, this letter is a recommendation from an old teacher or anclose family friend that knows how you work and how you act around otherstudents and teachers.Another important subject we learned in CTE was how to use respectand how we should be respectful to other classmates and adults. Respect isvery important to use in school and even out of school when you are outwith your family or friends. You should always use respect when in school,because you would like for people to treat you with the same amount ofrespect as you do with that person. Respect can also be used when you areout of school, you as a person should use respect when you are talking tosomeone that is older than you or an adult. When talking to an adult you asan teenager should respect that adult even if they are not related to you oris an teacher or a close family member. Adults and older people should bemore respected by you because they have more knowledge and wisdomthen you and are even smarter than you, so you should respect them even ifthey are not related to you.Responsibility is also another subject we learned during the secondsix weeks, this subject is also very important to use during and after school.To be responsible you have to make sure you are responsible for the actionsyou make to take full responsibility for those actions that you caused. Someexamples of being responsible is when you spilled some milk on the floor inthe cafeteria, the responsible way for a person is to take full blame for thespilled milk in the cafeteria. Another example is when at home your mom ordad asks you to take out the trash, you being responsible should take outthe trash without complaining or whining over how much you hate takingout the trash.All of these things that we learned during the second six weeks duringCTE would really help you as young adult when you are looking for a job orplanning for a future career. Knowing how to make an employment portfoliowould really help you when applying for a job, being respectful to yourbosses would eventually lead you to getting a higher position in your job orcareer, and being responsible would lead to greater opportunities and skillsto use in the work force.

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