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involves the usage of the Internet to market the sale of goods or services.
Considering the internet usage in Asia, it is found that China tops among the
Asian countries that followed by Japan and India ranks third in
position. It is true that the mandatory awareness about
internet is necessary for the E-Marketing. Consumer, Company and third party
agency respondents agree regarding mandatory internet awareness for the growth
of E-Marketing in this Study. It was found that majority of respondents
Strongly Agree with the view that in present market scenario there is surely
the growth of E-Marketing. The study has revealed that Consumer Strongly Agee
the impact of E-Marketing in today’s market scenario. Also the Company and third Party
were found to express same opinion. All the respondents agree that number of
players (service providers) in E-Marketing is bound to increase in the near
future, so as to cater to the increasing needs of consumers. It is largely
noticed that the market strategy generally involves the establishment of
channel network. The establishment of channel network is common in traditional
marketing however some may not be the situation in E-Marketing. In this context
hardly sizable number of respondents could give the concise opinion whether E-Marketing
would have a long-term impact because of the absence of channel network. The
present study also correlated the impact of Junk Traffic on the growth of E-Marketing.
The study indicates that most of the consumer respondents were found to deviate
from E-Marketing due to the Junk Traffic. From the analysis it is clear that
for selected products / services E-Marketing is useful. Large number of
respondents reflected that online support is an important factor in E-Marketing.
The result indicates that all the respondents were of the opinion that the companies
which adopt the route of E-Marketing mostly has their focus to increase the
reach in the market place and further to generate additional revenue. The
venture in E-Marketing also helps the company to be at par with their
competitors. However, the basic reasons are to generate more revenue as well as
reach large number of consumer by means of Internet media. It is true that the
growth of E-Marketing depends on the awareness about and also the use of
internet. Respondents cited two basic reasons, firstly, all respondent has view
that internet and mobile users are growing and secondly, there was easy
accessibility to product from any part of the world. In the present era,
hassle-free operation is more preferred. In this context question was asked
about E-Marketing. Therefore, majority of respondents strongly agreed on the
user-friendliness of E-Marketing. The reliability of country forms to be an
important aspect of E-Marketing. Consumers feel that it is essential to have
reliability of country and hence strongly agree on this aspect.

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