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 Employees leave
Managers and not their companies


I agree that employees leave
managers not their companies. Managers impact so much of employees work
experience. Managers have significant control over team’s performance. Manager
can either focus on their strengths or positive aspects or damage the morale. A
lot depends on leadership of a manger. A good manager engages the employees in
team that drives the performance. Manager can impact commitment and happiness
of their team.

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When a manager does not
communicate openly with employees, they feel disconnected. Mangers
communication makes employee feel connected with purpose of work and on what
they need to know. If an employee feels comfortable coming to the manager about
non-work-related issues that means they are more engaged. There are instances
when managers felt uncomfortable talking to their employees. Managers should
take the lead and communicate with the employees with confidence. It is the job
of every manager to continue the flow of information from up and down the organization.

 Employees want to grow through learning and
development in any company. If managers does not have growth discussions with
employees, they will certainly feel discouraged. Lack of learning opportunities
destroys employee’s self-confidence and creates doubt in employees minds. As a
manger can easily make out what are strengths and weaknesses of a employee, he
should have clear and structured plan of growth for an employee. It will also
strengthen employee manger bond. Training programs doesn’t have to be expensive
but they need to be intentional and reflect the employee interests. Ignoring
growth aspect of an employee leads to boredom in current roles and employee looks
for challenge in other company.

Every employee wants feedback on
the work they have done. Nobody wants their work to go un noticed or un
appreciated.  No one wants to go for the
extra mile, if it does not get noticed. Praise has big impact on how an
employee feel about work and is directly related to employee engagement. When employee
feel unappreciated they will go elsewhere to get recognition. Managers who
appreciates their employees get more output from their team. When mangers
appreciate employees, they go that extra mile to experiment and innovate which keeps
the thought of leaving the company out of their mind.  Employees should be provided with mix of
feedback and appreciation from mangers. Often managers are tempted to take the
credit for their team work. When a manager takes credit for their work,
employee feels frustrated as their work is gone unnoticed.

Great mangers boost employee
productivity and have bigger impact on high performing employees, which in turn
have a bigger impact on bottom line of the company.    


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