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Esterad Bahrain company’s
organization chart is consisted of Various departments, Firstly Board of
Directors followed by Executive committee, Audit, Risk and compliance committee
which consist of two types which are external audit and also internal audit and
Finally Nominations and remuneration committee, After that comes the Chief
Executive officer which is currently Faisal Jahahi, next to the ceo is the PA
and board secretary. Under the ceo comes Head of operations and IT which has
three types that are: operations, Accounting and finance, Admin, Human resources,
and compliance and also they have numerous types of portfolios that are:
Strategic equity portfolio, fixed income portfolio, and trading portfolio.

The organization chart consists of:

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Board of directors:

Hussain Al-Hussaini (Chairman) also (Head of  Nomination and Remuneration Committee)

Abdulrahman jamsheer ( Deputy Chairman)

Hussain Aamer

Abdulla Jamsheer

Mazen I. Abdulkarim

Mr. Khalid

Abdulla Kamal also  (Head of Audit, Risk
and Compliance Committee)

The CEO is Fasial Janahi

The PA and Board Secretary is Jenne

Now I’ll talk about the importance
of organization chart without the organization chart the company will fall
apart and the company will be unorganized. There has to be a clear chain of command
that controls the company and make it much more operational, firstly the boards
of directors, the board of directors are a known group of people who check the
activities of an organization and put money and their heart into the company the
importance of them  is they make annual meeting
that  decide the fate of the company .
And the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) checks if the company is well and Running

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