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Etisalat Corporation Introduction Emirates Telecommunication Corporation was established in 1976. It was owned by sharing between international Aeradio Limited, a British Company and local partners. In 1983 Etisalat was fully owned by the U. A. E government (60%) and U. A. E citizens (40 %). This combination between public and private sector made the organization moved quickly toward the modern countries in telecommunication fields. In 1991 the government issued law number (1), which gave the corporation the right to provide the telecommunication wire and wireless services in the country and between U.

A. E and other countries. It also gave the firm right to issue the licenses to own or import or manufacture or use or operate telecommunication equipment. The laws also provide for developing and renewing the telecommunication fields and data services. The Policy of Work Since Etisalat was established no one can deny that the work is organized and supported by good planing, an efficient staff who have experience and skills, and good quality of products. Interesting Facts ? In the U. A.

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E there are more mobile telephone users than Belgium. ? In 1994 the company had more than 28 exchange lines per 100 residents compared with other Arab countries, which had an average of 4 lines per 100 residents. ? In U. A. E there are more public telephones than New Zealand and more telex lines than Ireland. That is with a smaller population than any of these countries. Etisalat Performance The corporation has continued developing telecommunication network in U. A. E and between the U. A.

E and the other countries. The organization started entering high technology to expand its network over market growth to provide high speed and quality of services in all telecommunication fields and data services. Etisalat has some important achievements and here area some of them. The increase of Exchange lines from 36,000 in 1976 to more than 737,000 1998. The profit was DH 90. 000,000 The annual growth rate of that was 80 % per the above dates. Internet Services The rapid grow of business in U. A.

E made the things been quickly. The people want the work to be done as much quickly as possible, so the firm released Internet and Electronic mail services. The purpose of this service is to help and support the people to do most of contacting, advertising, selling, purchasing and so on by using Internet facilities. Etisalat College & Training Center The organization tries always to keep their staff ready for any works, such as administration and comercial work or installation, maintenance of telecom equipment.

That is why the organization setup the Training Centre in 1977. In 1995 a new Training Centre started in Dubai and finally the firm changed the training center into Etisalat Academy. A new inteligent building with two hostels which offer training facilities to Etisalat staff and other Companies and Ministries. The corporation established also the Etisalat collage of Engineering in Sharjah. The student can get Diploma of Two-year course and the Degree of Bachelor by studying five-year course.

There are a lot of facilities in the college such as free hostels and the work is guaranteed after completing the courses. Future Plan ? Extending cable TV all over UAE cities ? Establishing Etisalat University ? Releasing the third genration of mobile phones in 2003 ? New Etisalat building consist of 33 floors in H. H. Zayed Road Time Line 1976. Emirates Telecommunication Corporation establishment 1983The organization owned fully by U. A. E government and U. A. E citizen 1986The company launched Emirates Data Network 988Radio Paging Service introduced in the U. A. E 1989Released Electronic Mail Network 1990Setup the first Etisalat Cable Ship 1991The government issued law (1) 1992Introduced ISDN service on a commercial basis 1994Released GSM System for Mobile Communication 1995Launched Emirates Internet service 1996Launched Calling Line Identification Presentation 1997Introduced Asynchronous Transfer Mode References: ? www. etisalat. net. ae ? Etisalat brochures ? Human Resourse Department

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