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Why It Should Be Illegal

            Euthanasia is a practice in which individuals can choose
to end their life based on the unwanted
bodily suffering they are bearing. Euthanasia has been around for centuries
with many wealthy personals in the past
have used the practice to end the suffering and pain, creating mixed arguments
even till our present day on whether the practice of assisted suicide should be
legal or not. Proponents state that the legalization of euthanasia would be
beneficial to society, while opponents
believe that the system is flawed and has the potential to wreak havoc on
society. Subsequently below, I will put forward an
argument on why euthanasia should be illegal and why it is harmful to the human

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            First, euthanasia legalization interferes with our
freedom of religion. It interferes with freedom of religion because for many
religions euthanasia and any form of suicide is considered sinful. Take a
situation where doctors against their religious beliefs are forced to comply
with the euthanasia legalization in there
workplaces. A real life example of this
would be of Belgium ” When voluntary euthanasia was de-criminalized in Belgium,
Roman catholic hospitals were not allowed
to a policy of altogether refusing such services(Journal of Medicine And Philosophy
2006).” This example and many cited cases in the United States show that when a
social reform is passed that interferes with religion, people do not have the
right to override it thus taking our way our freedom of religion and other bill of rights. Furthermore, now being
forced to comply with the law this could lead to violence and chaos. Where
individuals who feel there rights to
freedom of religion have been violated may hold protest and riots to try to
sway the government decision. Opponents would say that progress doesn’t happen over night but what we also have to consider is
that there are much more important things that are happening like terrorism
which if we have a crisis created on multiple fronts it could lead to a dire
situation in which we may not exist anymore.

euthanasia is bad for the economy. The reason Euthanasia is bad for the economy
is because it does not work hand in hand with medical research it
works against it. The reason medical research should be supported rather
Euthanasia is because medical research is
finding a cure to the disease, while
euthanasia is giving up because there is no cure and other options available.
According to the National Institutes Of Health ” U.s. global health research
funding not only produces … but also generates significant domestic economic activity
and spurs scientific innovation.”( National Institutes of Health 2012).
Furthermore, California the largest state beneficiary received roughly $3.3
billion dollars generating in excess of 62,000 jobs in the state(National
Institutes Of Health 2012). This is important because, if everyone choose euthanasia rather than medical research
it would mean states like California wouldn’t have these options in their
budget leading to potentially higher taxes to make up for the lost revenue.

            Third euthanasia should be considered illegal is due to
very nature of the responsibility of the medical professional. If euthanasia is
legalized it undermines the roles of the medical professional where every doctor takes a pledge to treat a patient’s
sickness and disability and not to kill and also could lead to abuses by. Tony
Yang who is affiliated with the Journal of American Medical Association stated
that “The physician’s roles is to maintain solidarity with those whose health
is diminished, not to imply that debility renders a patient’s life not worth
living” (JAMA 2016). The author brings up a very important regarding the fact
that a doctor cannot imply whether or someone is worth living or not. If
euthanasia is legalized it would undermine the doctors
responsibility and also lead to abuses. Those abuses can be from organizations
of power who may instruct a doctor to say a human is rendered unworthy of
living leading to the killing of the patient and use that as potentially their
advantage, straying far away from what euthanasia initially meant to do.

            Fourth, euthanasia should be illegal because it is widely open for abuse through involuntary
euthanasia. Involuntary euthanasia is were
the patient is killed without there independent consent. In Belgium a study conducted
showed that there was 1796 cases of
involuntary euthanasia. This although is a small fraction it has a cause for
concern because euthanasia is based upon
the persons consent, not other people.(Georgetown
University 2006) It can create abuses where family members or caretakers may
influence the patient into euthanasia or simply just the person who speaks can
say they would like to be euthanized. Opposition to this specific argument
would think its preposterous to make it
illegal for euthanasia based upon a involuntary
euthanasia. The reason this is important to ban euthanasia is because although this might be a small amount of cases of involuntary euthanasia
it is still a lose of life which is very

            Euthanasia is physician-assisted suicide bases upon the
consent of the patient. It has been the subject of a hot social topic on
whether it should or should not be allowed to happen in the united states.
There is benefits to both legislation and
banning euthanasia. I believe though that euthanasia should be illegial in the united states for the following
reasons. First It devalues our right to freedom of religion forcing use to
comply with the law, which could lead to protest and violence. Second it is bad
for the economy where allowing euthanasia kills medical research, killing jobs
and a source of revenue for states. Third it goes against the medical
profession which is to provide treatment and care not assistance to suicide. Finally,
there is abuse with involuntary
euthanasia which could lead to euthanized without the patients consent. Death is a case which we should not be able to
have human influence it should happen
















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