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Every one
performs his or her task efficiently and effectively but if Miranda does not
approves, everything is in vain. Miranda is a good leader for Runway, she leads
Runway to the edge of fame. Miranda makes each and every decision so; it is
easy to adapt change in order to bring improvement in the organization. Runway
is very versatile and innovative magazine, in Runway results matter than means
and every individual was working on the same goal i.e. to bring results. That
is why, when Emily is ill, Miranda very easily replaces her with Andy.

            Systematic Theory of Bureaucracy is
applied as division of labor, hierarchy of authority and corporate rules and
regulations were depicted in the movie. Some Principles of Management stated by
Henri Fayol are also applicable on this movie i.e. division of work, authority,
discipline, unity of command, unity of direction, subordination of individual
interests to the general interests, centralization and order.  

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            We apply Schein’s level of culture
on Runway; Artifacts ßà Espoused Values ßà Basic
Underlying Assumptions. Artifacts include
Paintings on wall, flower arrangements, glass doors, Expensive designer clothes
on trolleys, book shelves, skinny girls wearing high heels, tidy and clear
tables, modern equipment, book on current magazine issue, taunting style of
management. Espoused Values include Miranda is everything, Never ask questions
from her, answer the phone before it will shift to voice mail and Miranda gets
upset, Miranda never repeats, Miranda is unpredictable. Basic underlying
assumptions include Miranda’s opinion is vital in the industry, Runway is like
a holy book for its readers and employees, High heels are must for female
employees, Being Miranda’s assistant is like her care taker.

            Physical structure is open structure
with glass walls which depicts the use of open communication. Architecture and
layout of the building, specifically Miranda’s office symbolizes fame and status.


            The main characters are career women
who use power effectively and efficiently in the workplace. Runway has power
culture, everything revolves around Miranda. Miranda radiates power as her gaze
is confident and direct, quietly powerful voice, egoistic language and her
expressive face.

            Concept of Hegemony is applied on
the movie as Miranda has predominant influence over all the employees. Her interest
is the status quo. Their routine is made up in such a way that nobody questions
the decision made by her and they easily accept their exploitation.

            Movie shows society development
which combines the politics, economy and culture. It shows the human
psychological status and reflects on the changes of humanity and the
psychology. It shows how a person make different choices between the career and
love. It focuses on finding the balance between all the people and objects. It
infiltrates the superiority of women into every field.

My Perspective:

            In my opinion the movie is all about
the survival of the fittest, it’s good to change yourself according to your job
but not on the cost of your family, friends and most of all, your own
personality.  Film’s ultimate message
is that business is not more important than relations, so be yourself because
people come and go but organizations remain the same. 

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