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Fairy tales have, and always will be, a vital part of our society. Aimed particularly at children of a young age, they are exemplary pieces of literature which  were originally written to instruct and guide people on how to lead good christian lives. Important morals and messages are disguised by their colourful scenarios and engaging plots making them more relatable to infants. This method of writing was established by Horace, a roman poet, to instruct as well as entertain. By presenting morals in this way Horace has enabled children to learn the lessons of life at an early age. It is effective as they would be able to take in the information, perhaps without even acknowledging what they are doing, in a captivating way to maintain their concentration. In this assignment I will be analysing two of the more well known original fairy tales and evaluate whether they adhere or frustrate to certain literary conventions.Firstly I will be analysing Cinderella. This charming tale represents many of the most common literary conventions found in fairy tales. This is first shown in the opening line “Once upon a time” which immediately informs the reader that we are reading a fairy tale. This idea is then continued further through the main fantasy stock characters used; the hero (the prince), the heroine (the princess), the villains (the wicked stepmother and stepsisters) and finally Cinderella’s mentor (the fairy godmother). There are several morals to this story as the meaning is ambiguous and can be interpreted differently. The most obvious one is perhaps that you should treat everyone with respect and kindness and not to treat them in a way you would not like to be treated. Yet, there is also the moral that, no matter how unfavourable things may seem, things can always get better. Cinderella, no matter how appalling she was treated, always believed in the good in people and the world moreover always having inner happiness.On the other hand this story may also convey a negative message towards children which then influences them in an adverse way. This is because Secondly, Little Red Riding Hood.However there are many faults with these stories depending on, when reading it which literary theory you have in mind. For a feminist point of view these stories are teaching children stereotypical views on how a certain gender should act. In our current day society, no matter how much we have progress there will always be a sexist attitude to women if that is what children have grown up to believe. This literary theory is useful as equality amongst men and women is an ever pressing concern and this theory greatly alters and effects the interpretation of literature.

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