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Therapy – A Good Thing.


Family therapy, what is it?

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Just like every therapy conducted its main
aim is for the treatment of some sort of a disease or disability, family
therapy is no different. It aims to address those ‘diseases’ that are affecting
family’s health and normal function. Thus it is a recommended tool to use to
help dysfunctional families experiencing unhealthy mental or behavioral
dysfunctions among the family members.


Families, therefore, are encouraged to
consult a family therapist to intervene and help them handle their problems
comprehensively. This way, the family will keep crisis at bay.

Our department has helped a lot of families
to solve their differences amicably through our family therapy.

But some families have been reluctant to seek
counsel from family therapists. They feel that family issues shouldn’t be
exposed to strangers and other different myths about family therapy.


However, the fact remains that the pros of
family therapy outweigh the cons by a great margin. The following are some of
the top benefits of family therapy that should encourage you to always seek
family counsel when in crisis with your family members.


It battens communication in the family. A family therapist using structural therapy will help
your members on how, to be honest and open up on different issues each is
facing and also to forgive each other thus bridging the gap between


It will strengthen the bonds in the family. Most of the time siblings tend to have unresolved
feelings emanating from things such as jealousy. They feel that the other is
receiving a better treatment or attention from the parents. This causes
disharmony amongst them over time. This can be cured and even prevented from
escalation through use of a family therapist who will show you how to solve
those issues using either of the concepts of Bowenian therapy. Consequently,
the family’s bond will be strengthened.


Improve self-esteem.
To cope with some of life’s challenges, self-esteem should be cultivated and
strengthened in an individual so that there is reduced vulnerability to some of
interpersonal and health problems in families. A family therapist can employ
the differential concept of the Bowenian therapy to help the family members

It intensifies the sense of empathy. A therapist makes sure you are able to identify and
understand the differences amongst you. Then, obligate yourself not to be over
reactive emotionally when dealing with others instead you be compassionate and
be prepared to help them. As a result, there is development empathetic feeling
in you.


It enhances better comprehension of the family’s healthy
boundaries and its dynamics. When the
therapist restores harmony in the family. The family members are able to unite
and each is able to open up about his/her likes and dislikes which he/she wants
to be respected. This way healthy boundary is set without conflicts.


There is a positive development in problem-solving
capability. When the therapist comes to
your aid and you solve your conflicts as a family stupendously, will lead to
cooperation on brainstorming for solutions to solve an issue and hence increase
the family’s productivity.

Improved anger management skills. Family therapists will use triangulation concept of
Bowenian therapy to ensure that they have given you a toolkit of solutions on
how to manage your anger if it is ignited and it will help reduce and even
eliminate those conflicts in the family.


It increases chances for success for everyone in the family. When the therapist helps to heal the family wounds, these
peaceful atmospheres that will lead to family unit dramatically increase
chances for success since there is more help, more cooperation, more support
and so on.


In conclusion, there are still dozens of
benefits of family therapy that necessitates the need to consult a family
therapist to solve your conflicts and to curb things such as divorce. So make
the move now to seek help if you have dysfunctional family and you will be
surprised the enormous knowledge will be impacted by your family even on how to
curb future occurrences of conflicts.


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