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Confetti Spa! Best Quality For Hotel & Home Services Text or Call Us Now: 257-9807/391-0784/ 09173570983 We offer the following services: Standard Therapies: Confetti Rejuvenating Massage Confetti Mommy-To-Be-Massage Confetti Sleep Tight Baby Swedish Massage Shiatsu Massage Back Massage Hand & Foot Reflex Thai Massage Sports Massage Php 400. 00/1. 5hrs Php 400. 00/hr Php 500. 00/2hrs Php 250. 00/1hr Php 250. 00/1hr Php 250. 00/1hr Php 250. 00/1hr Php 400. 00/1. 5hrs Php 400. 00/1hr Specialties:

Confetti Signature Massage Confetti Couples Massage (for 2) Aromatic Full Body Massage Aromatic Hand & Foot Reflex Confetti Slimming & Anti Cellulite Massage Aromatic Head Shoulder & Neck Massage Ventosa with Authentic Filipino Massage Php 800. 00/2hrs Php 500. 00/hr Php 600. 00/hr Php 500. 00/hr Php 600. 00/hr Php 500. 00/hr Php 800. 00/2hrs Promo Packages: Regular massage 1. 5/hrs swedish & shiatsu for only P350. 00 Slimming& Anti Cellulite Massage for only P600. 00/1. 5hrs Aromatic Full Body Massage P600. 0/1. 5hrs Anti Aging Massage for only P650. 00/hr Couples Massage for only P400. 00/hr We Are Open Daily From 1:00pm until 2:00am Service Areas: Eastwood, White Plains, Valle Verde, Greenmeadows, Corinthian, Acropolis, Pasig & Ortigas We also accept outside our service areas: please call for rates. Our Female Therapists are Certified and Well Trained under TESDA. Strictly decent massage only… Please Text or Call Us at: 257-9807/391-0784/ 09173570983 Copyright © 2009 ConfettiSpa. com Home I Privacy Policy

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