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Outline: Five-paragraph Essay Complete in Point Form Introduction Hook “It is living with these guilty secrets that exacts the price” says Dunstan who believes that he will certainly go to hell and wants to die because of the guiltiness that torture him within. Background/ Info. The snowball incident initiates the theme of guilt as Dunstan blames himself for the result of his actions. Revenge is revealed through physical terms as well – Boys death. Dunstan allows guilt to control his mind and future actions/decisions. Thesis At the beginning of the novel, revenge is driven by guilt but in some stances, uilt follows revenge as the following events, after the snowball incident, reflects on the character’s guiltiness (Dunstan Ramsay, Boy Staunton, and Paul Dempster). Body l: (Paragraph 1 Topic Sentence) Boys small revenge on Dunstan eventually leads the novel into the path of guilt. A. Revenge begins with Boy when he wants to hit Dunstan with snowball but instead hits Mrs. Dempster – the start of Dunstan’s guilt. B. Dunstan feels responsible for Paul’s premature birth. C.

Dunstan believes that his ‘sly action of steeping in front of Mrs. Dempster is ntirely his fault and so is Mrs. Dempster’s insanity. D. Cares for Mrs. Dempster out of compassion and guilt Conclusion Sentence: This shows how revenge meant to be small at the beginning can cause the characters to live a guilty life. II: (Paragraph 2 Topic Sentence) Two forms of guilt are portrayed in the novel – spiritual and physical. The majority of Dunstan’s guilt is spiritual. A. Feels guilty for Mrs. Dempster and Paul Dempster as they are frowned upon in the village. Mrs. Dempster is considered ‘simple’. B.

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Dunstan knows the truth about the snowball and as to live with the secret – this makes him feel more guilty for his actions because the village does not know it. C. Out of guilt, Dunstan takes care of Mrs. Dempster when the aunt dies. D. Dunstan can no longer keep secrets to himself and confides them to Liesl who recognizes him as someone not ‘human’. Conclusion Sentence: Dunstan’s secrets eventually gets the best of him as Liesl says it to be “the revenge of the unlived life”. Ill: (Paragraph 3 Topic Sentence) There is an instance where revenge is portrayed physically and is derived from a possible sense of guilt.

A. Guilt leads into revenge: Paul reels gullty at tne Deglnnlng Tor nls motners Insanlty B. Learns aoout tne trutn of the snowball and the rock in it from Dunstan and wants revenge on Boy. (Dunstan finally becomes ‘human’ and tells the truth). C. The box with Mrs. Dempster’s ashes in it – represents guilt. D. An example of physical revenge: Boys death – Magnus Eisengrim killed him. Conclusion: Paul’s guilt, at an early age, caused him to run away and now that he is aware of the truth, he seeks revenge on Boy. This indicates how guilt contributes to the theme of revenge. Conclusion:

Restate Thesis Revenge and guilt have an impact on the main characters of the novel, Dunstan, Boy, and Paul. While revenge may eventually transform into guilt, guilt also plays a hand in causing physical revenge to certain characters. Sum-up Body Points The snowball incident is the first of many events that sink Dunstan further into guiltiness; Paul avenges on Boy after he learns truth of the stone; Dunstan seeks revenge on himself, torturing his spiritual self with the stone and Mrs. Dempster’s ashes. Catchy last line “The following day I say quite alone in the crematory chapel…. who else remembered her? “

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