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Finding what
works and what does not in terms of preparing teachers for diversity, equity
and justice is both complex and challenging. 
It’s a matter that clearly needs further and more in-depth study; study If
the findings of teacher efficacy research, as it relates to culturally
responsive teaching, are to improve the preparation of culturally responsive
teachers, it is important to focus on those pedagogical aspects in which
preservice teachers feel less efficacious and the related practices that they
do not believe will lead to positive outcomes. 
In an era of growing cultural diversity, teacher educators and the
institutions they serve need to take into consideration the needs of future
teachers by realistically including issues related to multicultural efficacy
and cultural diversity. This is a matter that takes on increased importance
when we consider the social, political and demographic changes that have found
expression in our respective countries as well as through our borders onto the
broader world scene.  To argue for increased
multicultural efficacious future teachers means that becoming multicultural

Teachers in
contemporary society need to have multicultural efficacy if they are to
effectively to support learning for all. As Silverman (2010: 324) points out,
“To build teachers’ efficacy around teaching for and about equity, it is
essential that teachers recognize their capacity as individuals and as a
profession to bring about desirable outcomes for students…and ways to teach
students to become stewards of democracy through the pursuit of social
justice.  Our study supports the idea
that higher education teachers need to continue to research how teacher
education programmes impact preservice teachers’ multicultural efficacy and by
extension reflecting on their own beliefs about designing more effective
teacher education courses. Learning to live with others is learning to maximize
each person’s abilities and opportunities, and preservice teacher education
courses should be taught with this in mind.

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preliminary findings of this study provide us with some interesting results
which may or may not continue when all the data has been analyzed. However, IS,
ME and attitudes towards multilingualism do appear to have interconnections and
warrant further study.  Identifying what
attitudes, sensitivity and efficacy make teachers better equipped to work with
linguistically and culturally diverse students is something that can enrich
teacher educators’ discourse and in the long-term influence what can be
included in teacher education programs.   

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