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First of all we respect their beliefs, and we don´t
want to deny them, but the violence that a child accused of witchcraft receives
in the whole process has to have greater attention of local goverments, as well
as our governments and NGO´s.

and education about the child abuse has to be done with all communities,
politicians, churches and religious leaders, to let them know the negative
consequences their practices have in these children at the same time make them
aware of the children´s rights.

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The more
awareness we build in all the countries will be a path to have new ideas and
methods as prevention, this should include more human rights organizations.

Further solutions:

Penalize child accusation of witchcraft, on the
contrary, create laws to penalize people who accuse children of witchcraft and
damages them. Communicate this laws so affected children can raise their voices
and have a protection law for them.

If not possible, then prohibit exorcisms out of government
criteria. This means government should monitor all the process in such a way
that they can educate acusators and end the problem with conferences, and in
case the are not convinced, “not harmful exorcisms” should be conducted in this
way government ensures kids are not damaged.

Penalize church leaders who charge for exorcisms, this
won´t be a business for them and will stop talking about this issue.

If children are expel from their families, there
should be a program to reintegrate them or find foster homes

Build a new communication program to reintegrate all
children that is already with the stigma of witchcraft, plus the psicological
help they will need

A Health/security capable program for families should
be implemented, that includes social protection and education. If they have less
diseases this would turn on “less causes to be acused”, also deliveries would
be at hospitals and more mothers will be saved.

With these solutions we cover the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the
European Union, Article 24 that deals with the rights of the children and

Children will have the right to protection and care if necessary to meet
their rights. They may express themselves freely. Their views will be considered
no matter their age and maturity.

all actions concerning children, no matter public authorities or private
institutions, must consider the child’s best interests at first.

Every child shall have the right to maintain on a regular basis a
personal relationship and direct contact with both his/her parents, unless that
is contrary to his or her interests. 

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