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     First and
foremost, it is important to understand that air compressors are not the first
to be invented that use compressed air. In 1650, Otto Von Guericke, an engineer
and physicist from Germany, created a vacuum pump and tried different things
with pneumatic force, in order words air pressure, and how it was used to
accomplish distinctive goals. Guericke’s air pump set an example of how air
functioned with combustion. His trials and experiments paved the road for
additional research and development of the utilization of compressed air. An
air compressor must be distinguished from an air pump which simply pumps air
from one setting, usually from our surroundings, into another setting, such as
an inflatable ball. The main difference between air pumps and air compressors
is that air pumps do not have an air tank for putting away pressurized air.
Additionally, air pumps are for the most part much quieter in sound,
significantly slower, and more affordable than an air compressor. Using one of
the few strategies, an air compressor forces an increasing amount of air into a
tank, increasing the pressure. When the point of maximum air pressure is
achieved in the tank the air compressor shuts down. The compressed air, at that
point, is held in the tank until it is used. The compressed air contains energy
that can be utilized in many different situations. By using the tank and the
kinetic energy of the air the tank slowly depressurizes. Once the pressure of
the tank reaches a minimum, the air compressor turns on once again and
re-pressurizes the tank. A big concept that air compressors, as well as other
air compressing devices, rely on is Boyle’s law. Boyle’s law demonstrates that
the volume of gas, in this case air, increases as the pressure decreases at a
consistent temperature. Due to the essence of compressed air, it is inescapable
that some energy will be lost along the way. The loss of pressure is due to the
friction of air as it goes through pipes or hoses, consequently making the size
of the hose an essential factor in building up energy. A few air compressors
are generally utilized as a part of conjunction with each other to make a
distribution system that transports the compressed air as power to various
destinations. The air is then turned into energy used for mechanical purposes.
A distribution system is used to take advantage of the compressed air for
substantially large development applications. At the point when compressed air
goes from its starting position to the tool being used, the pressure starts
dropping, causing power to be lost in the process. The distribution system’s
goal is to decrease the loss of power utilizing pipes that are sufficiently large
in size so that pressure does not deviate more than 10 percent from the original
pressure amount. 

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