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Floor cleaning is achieved by different technique which might be of different kinds. Different types of floor need different type of treatment. The floor should be totally dry after the cleaning process. Otherwise it may result in dangerous situation. Floors can be cleaned by using saw dust which is used to absorb all kinds of liquids. Whereas in some places tea leaves are also used to collect dirt from carpets and also for odor removing purposes. Different types of floor cleaning machines are available today such as floor buffers, automatic floor scrubbers and extractors that can clean almost all types of hard floors or carpeted flooring surfaces in very less time but it limits to dust particles cleaning only. Floor cleaning is one of the most tiring and boring routine household tasks but it is unavoidable. To reduce the human effort as well as time for floor cleaning the robot is required. This is aimed to replace the men at work to “no man at work”. For getting information about solution of problem the literature survey is done. Some of papers related to cleaning robot are discussed in this paragraph. Pramot Srinoi 1   presents the concept of service robot for floor cleaning. In the cleaning robots iRobot is strong in wet and dry cleaning. LG robot cleaner is having a monitoring function and used to minimizing power consumption and/or securing communication efficiency are concluded. Sahil Bharti 2 makes a robot which is used to clean both floor and wall. Considered semi-manned cleaning platform, where the directional control is establish using remote by a human operator to facilitate control over the device from a distance. The range of the module is approximately 100 meters. Aluminum is selected as material of robot frame due to its light weight. The robot is suitable for only flat surfaces. Kunj Rana 3 make robot which is used to remove the trash from the floor. The floor cleaning is done by using scrubber, to remove the dirty water from the floor and leave the floor as dry as possible and vacuum cleaning method is used to clean dust particles from the floor. This robot is intelligent, highly efficient, and compact in size as well as accurate. The material of frame is wood. Sivaseshu et al. 4 creates a robot which is used in silo cleaning. Finite element analysis is performed on the Silo surface cleaning robot. Analysis is done in ANSYS. Concludes that steel is replaced with aluminium because of light weight and maximum stress is less than the yield limit of that material. Ahmed and Menon 5 makes vertical surface cleaning robot. Concludes that to improve the efficiency, the Height/Length ratio of the robot should keep as low as possible and cross section of legs should as high as possible. Gargade 6 fabricate a robot which is used in inspection of pipe. The static stress analysis of purposed pipe inspection robot is done in ANSYS 13. 

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