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Following  (2006), many psychopaths are apparently able of striking the attention of
others because they can perfectly mimic the most common human emotions, and can
wander, in disguise, in a variety of environments, including corporations or
other similar associations (p. 48).

Regarding empathy,
psychopathy prevents understanding the emotional states of other people, except
in the purely intellectual sense of expression.

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do not perceive their emotions like normal people. Even if they are not
completely impassive, their emotions are so low that some doctors have
described them as simple ‘proto-emotions’ or ‘primitive responses to immediate
needs’ (Hare, 1999, p.196).

do not feel the need to establish a romantic relationship and are not able to
form emotional bonds with people. Although a psychopath can sometimes perceive
a person’s charm or be infatuated with him / her, he cannot reciprocate his
feelings, but only pretend and enjoy sexual encounters, even if they are
superficial and impersonal (Hare et al., 2006 , p.39).

researchers obtained brain scans on psychopaths while exposing them to
emotionally charged speeches like rape, murder and love. In a normal person,
these words cause success in the limbic system, which governs emotions.
Psychopaths did not show these  activities but reacted in a totally
indifferent way (for example ‘tree / love’, ‘chair / rape’, ‘spoon / murder’),
however, they showed reactivity in the cerebral areas associated with language
processing, suggesting that their response was more cognitive than emotional
(Hare, et al., 2006, p.41).

aspect concerns plagiarism and manipulation: psychopaths are incorrigible and
recidivist liars. Often they can get what they want or to impress people, and
they do it with such skill that the investigators, even those with considerable
experience behind them, are sometimes misled (Cleckley, 1976).

A potential
psychopath tries to deceive more often than it seems (body language, trust,
etc.). In fact, psychopathic stories are often full of inconsistencies and
contradictions. The first reason for this is the often improvised nature of
their consciousness. If they are caught or faced with unforeseen questions,
they simply rework their narrative to adapt to the new reality without stopping
to reflect on things. The second reason is that psychopaths seem to have
difficulty properly integrating the language and emotional components of their
thoughts, and this does not make it possible to notice the contradictions in
their speech. Hervey Cleckley (1976), a pioneering researcher of psychopathy,
called this anomaly as ‘semantic aphasia’.

Some researchers
at the University of Sydney claim that psychopathy is pure impulsivity. It is
not possible to measure the risk of being surprised, discovered or affected as
a result of one’s behaviour (Dadds et al., 2006, p.280).

psychopath lives day by day, changing his plans frequently and generally has no
realistic long-term goals. Psychopaths often claim to have ambitious goals in
life, but they cannot appreciate the consistency, skill or discipline necessary
to achieve them (Hare, 1999, p.196). In the workplace, on the contrary, they
are known for irregular frequency, frequent absences, embezzlement, and
unreliability. They are financially irresponsible, often living above their
means, incurring in debts and defaults on loans. They often neglect their
children, often have unprotected sex, they make children and then abandon them and
transmit sexually transmitted diseases (Harris et al., 2006, p.184).

The recurrence
rate of psychopaths is twice the number of common offenders with peaks three
times higher for the most violent crimes (Hare, 1999).

Smith and
Newman (1990), scholars of the University of Wisconsin note that psychopaths
have a low tolerance for boredom and an excessive need for excitement and
stimulation. They often break the rules, commit crimes, and risk their lives to
try cheap thrills: they are more likely to take drugs than normal people.

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