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Following the departure is the call to adventure, which is the first fundamental initiation the hero must take in his or her transformation throughout this journey. The hero begins in the normal world then receives information that propels his or her into the unknown. Representing the changing in a state of comfort, making the hero embark into a world more difficult than what he or she is adapted to, forcing them to better, and transforming themselves (Bray January 10). The story, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, precisely emphasizes on the hero’s journey throughout the stages of a monomythic structure. Huck Finn, the protagonist, and recipient of undergoing the transformation commences on this heroic journey. One winter morning, Huck takes notice boot tracks in the snow near the house while looking out of his window. Huck informs Jim that he has found Pap’s tracks in the snow. Huck curiously wants to know what his father wants from him and why has he came to the cabin. He finds out the Pap wants his money so he can use it to buy alcohol and spend the money on the life he wants to live, not caring about the life Huck is living. Once Huck finds this out, his call to adventure occurs, he realizes he needs to get out before Pap arrives at the cabin, before the abuse and other slanders will occur. Unfortunately, Huck does not get out of the cabin in time before Pap arrives (Campbell 41-48).Following the call to adventure is the refusal of the call, which is the second stage of the departure in which a hero must take. The hero doesn’t seek the adventure that he or she is destined to have thus, the quest is greeted with a refusal. This refusal may be from a sense of duty or obligation, fear, insecurity, a sense of inadequacy, or any of a range of reasons that work to hold the person in his or her current circumstances (Bray January 10). Following Huck’s call to adventure is his refusal of call, delayed in his journey by Pap. Pap kidnaps Huck, takes him deep into the woods to a secluded cabin on the Illinois shore, and locks Huck inside all day while he rambles outside. This prevents Huck from being able to continue his journey in transformation, causing him to be postponed for multiple days. But, Huck is able to overcome this complication by using his resources to escape the threatening high-risk situation he is in (Campbell 49-56).On this journey, the hero needs helpers and guides usually presents the hero that will aid and keep him or her on track during their quest. As well, friends and or helpers that will assist the person to help stay on his or her path towards overall greatness and transformation (Bray January 10). Huck’s helper is not a friend or a human, nor of the supernatural. It is the Mississippi River, which provides his an escape route along with a canoe to go to Jackson’s Island. Here, Huck will be safe and away from Pap and his menacing thoughts (Campbell 57-63).

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