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The popularity of food trucks have started a craze around schools in Southern California. Because of the popularity that the food trucks bring to the community, public schools have began to ask for a small fee or small donation to have them locate in the school’s parking lots. The fee or the donation that the trucks pay, is by no means expensive, but the money quickly adds up. Normally, the trucks would pay anywhere around fifty to sixty dollars, but the money quickly adds up. The money that the trucks pay helps pay for the school’s , basic and functioning, needs; books, uniforms, etc.

Whitney High School, located in Cerritos, has a food truck in their parking lot every week. The money that the truck pays to the school goes towards Whitney High School’s new multimedia room. An easy understanding of functionalism– material objects or entities coming together to make a whole. For example, the five fingers in a human’s hand all play a part in making it a hand. Another example, lawyers, policemen , firefighters, Judges, etc, all come together in making a properly functioning Justice field. The food trucks that are scattered around Southern California schools help pay to improve our school system.

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The money has a big input in making our public school system a lot better. The multiple trucks that are located all throughout the southern part of this state, all come together to make our school system run more smooth. The trucks help the public schools function a lot better. Because of the fact that each truck plays a vital role in bettering the public school system, it fits right into a functionalist view. There are twenty-two trucks located in the parking lots of these schools, and all twenty-two of them fit into the same cause. The proceeds all go into a whole.

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