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For my essay i picked the endangered polar bear or also known as Ursus Maritimus. The scientific name Ursus Maritimus means “sea bear.” Ursus Maritimus was founded by Commander C.J. Phipps, in 1774. Commander Phipps also wrote a book called A Voyage  Towards The North Pole. Also as time went on the scientific name Thalarctos began to gain acceptance. If you want to see the polar bear the best places to find it are in the Arctic circle. The arctic circle contains Canada, Russia, The United States (in Alaska), Greenland, and Norway. In Canada the polar bear is found in Churchill. Churchill lies along the edge of  Hudson Bay in Canada’s  Manitoba region. This region is probably the best place in the world for seeing polar bears. In the winter the Hudson Bay freezes over and the bears live forty to one hundred and fifty from the shore on top of the frozen over Bay. Polar Bears are carnivores, they mostly eat seals. Polar Bears also ear things like Arctic Fox, Reindeer, Roadents, Musk Ox, Fish, Shellfish, Eggs, and Seabirds like Gulls. Studies say that Polar Bears have also been known to eat things like whales and walruses. Polar Bears eat at every chance they can, they are known to feed on human leftovers. The garbage dump in Churchill, Canada, had to be shut down because Polar Bears kept roaming through to find food to eat. It’s hard to estimate the global population of  Polar Bears. Biologists use a working estimate of about 20-25,000 or 22-31,000. Now on to reproduction. Female polar bears can reproduce at about 4.5 years old. Male polar bears reach sexual maturity at age 6. However most polar bear mates are not successful in reproduction until age 9.The endangerment of polar bears is caused by global warming. Global warming negatively affects their natural habitat. Other things the threaten the polar bear population is pollution, poaching and unregulated hunting. The United States Endangered Species act listed polar bears as a endanger of extinction species being caused by global warming in 2008.Things that could be done to help save the polar bear from extinction are like humans should try and stop polluting the air, and humans also should stop hunting polar bears. The reason humans should stop hunting polar bears is because if we stop hunting them then they will continue to grow as a species and as soon as they are off the endangered species list then we can hunt them again. Humans should put in the resources to help the polar bears because we are partial reasoning they are going extinct.

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