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Found in the deep,deep canals,lakes of Xochimilco there lives a majestic creature named the axolotl.This animal is a very weird but interesting because of its unusual body features.Along with it’s interesting habitat for a lizard.Now join me on a great adventure to learn the habitat, diet,regeneration and, description of this animal. This amazing creature is exclusively found in Xochimilco,Mexico if they are wild.So if you want one wild you have to go to Xochimilco,Mexico and catch one.But on the other hand, they can be found all over if they are in captivity.Or in other words can be found in zoos or people just have them for pets.But the weird thing is most salamanders live on land.But the awesome axolotl prefers to spend his whole life underwater.But his body can adapt to outside the water.On the other,other hand for the axolotl to live as a pet you need a room temp. from 61 degrees fahrenheit.(16 degrees celsius) to 64 degrees fahrenheit(18 degree celsius).Temperatures lower can be lethal to the salamander,and temperatures higher can increase in metabolic rate.(relating to or deriving from the metabolism of a living organism)This needy animal also needs at least 10 gallons of non chlorinated water in a spacious tank,furnished with a filter,hiding places,and fake plants,rocks and other things like why the axolotl is amazing. The amazing wild axolotl has a diet of worms,small fish,crustaceans,insect larvae,mollusks,and other little creatures it can get a hold of. On the other hand axolotls in captivity are fed  bloodworms,blackworms,white worms,daphnia,and purchased salamander pellets.So this shows that both a captive and a wild axolotl eat good food.Also surviving is easy just feeding on the little animals/larva he can find.This is again why the axolotl is amazing.Next, this axolotl of ours has amazing body features,some of these include  His interesting gills,lizard like limbs,a natural smile.To start off we will talk about the domesticated axolotl these were specifically made to display a white body,paired with black eyes.On the other hand wild axolotls are normally  black or a greenish brown,with red eyes.The weird fancy spines sticking out of his head is actually his gills.Because they prefer to live underwater.On the other side of description is size the axolotl is bigger than most salamanders.Reaching up to 12 inches in length and weighing up to 8 inches.This is yet another reason why the axolotl is amazing Next, i will state is its amazing regeneration ability.This ability is crazy to be honest,This is so crazy because it can regrow just about everything it was born with.Some of these including his heart,spine,brain and more.if you think about it it basically can’t die and if it’s feeling dumb than it will just regrow a new brain.Problem solved.This is just another reason why the axolotl is an amazing creature. Next,The axolotl was almost completely extinct and at one point we thought they were.In 1998 scientist’s reported only 6000 left in the world.Then later in 2014 scientist’s reported no axolotls at all.They were extinct.Or so we thought,but then the axolotls amazing regeneration ability saved the whole species.Now, scientist’s reported that axolotls were alive all over in captivity and in zoos. Finally,the axolotl is actually one of the most researched animals in the world by scientist’s.This is important because even scientists think this animal is amazing.The axolotl is the most researched because it has it’s amazing regeneration,cool looks,good diet,and just overall just amazing. Upon further research we have concluded that the axolotl is a very interesting animal.Because of it’s amazing regeneration ability to repair just about anything it was born with.Great and interesting looks because of his gills and basically just overall looks.Along with his weird habitat under the water.Also his cool diet that consists of a lot of worms and other small animals.And many other amazing facts so now i hope you can agree with me that the axolotl is a very interesting animal.Works Cited”Axolotl Facts.” Math, at, John P. Clare Ph.D. “Introduction.” Axolotls: The Fascinating Mexican Axolotl and the Tiger Salamander,

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