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Andrew Pham Date: 4-8-11 Period 1 Mrs. Harley Frederick Douglass Rough Draft Frederick Douglass is a man who tried to change the position of African-Americans. Frederick Douglass original name is Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey. He was born on February 1818 in Tuckahoe, Maryland. He died on February 20, 1895 in Washington, D. C. Frederick was an abolitionist who fight for civil and women rights. When he was older he escaped from the plantation to find himself a job and to start figuring out why there is discrimination.

In Nantucket, Massachusetts, an antislavery convention in 1841, he was there so described how he felt and the experiences he been through during the days of being a slave. He was going to find a solution to stop discrimination. He was born on February 1818. He was born in a place called Tuckahoe, Maryland. When he was an infant he was separated from his slave mother, he didn’t know who he father was but his father an American person. Frederick lived with his grandmother and grandfather on a Maryland Plantation. Later they took him to his master’s plantation and left him there with his master.

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When Frederick Douglass found out that his grandparents had abandoned him, he could never recover from the actions of him his grandparents. As an eight year old, he was sent to Baltimore. He had a job as a houseboy to serve two people called Hugh Auld and Sophia Auld. He also served the relative of his master. Once he settled down, Sophia Auld started to teach him how to read and he learned the alphabet. Soon after Hugh learn out that she has been teaching young Frederick, he told her to stop since it wasn’t right to teach African American slaves to read.

He then taught himself to read. He taught himself to read and write through many ways, he went around looking for newspaper, he paid other people to teach him, and also he asked the neighborhood kids to show him how to write and read. He worked for his master named Aaron Anthony until the age of fifteen he moved on to the field to do field work. He experienced the hardship and harmful conditions of the weather. Also his master would treat him unfairly and use violent ways to make him work to his fullest potential. Trying to survive on a plantation was hard when he was a child, hings he did in order to survive contained making homemade utensils to eat, he was provided a linen shirt for clothing, and they did not have blankets or a bed to sleep in. In order to keep warm in the winter they would huddle up. They were tortured if they did not obey the order quick enough, consequences were things such a severe beating or whipping. During this time of period Frederick Douglass learned how to rebel against his masters. He begins to fight back and plan various ways to escape to freedom. He was tired of getting whipped all day so he walked back to the Auld farm.

Once he got there he pleaded for his master to take him back but his master sent him back to Covey farm. Once he got back he got a beating, he was tired of getting beat so he finally had fought back. During this time he had his first fight with his slave master who is named Edward Covey. It was said that the fight was a tied fight but Frederick had actually won that fight. Frederick had said, “I seized Covey hard by the throat, and as I did so, I rose. ” They master and slave had been fighting for two consecutive hours and his master had given up.

After working for Covey for a year he was then sent to a new farmer who was William Freeland. All he wanted to have freedom. He then started a illegal school for African Americans in that area he was at. They would meet up on Sunday nights. There were five other slaves planning to escape to the North with him. He completed his plan to escape a year later. They plan to steal a boat and row it to the northern top of the Chesapeake Bay. Afterward run on foot to the Free State in Pennsylvania. They plan to escape before the Easter holiday in 1836, but one of William’s friends found out and told him.

Later a group of white men caught the slave and put them in jail for a week. Later in his life he met a woman, Anna Murray, who then became the love of his life. He had borrowed money from her in order to escape to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Once he reached his destination he then took a train to New York. He arrived in New York on September 4, 1838. When he thought back about his childhood he always thought why that he was treated differently due to his skin tone. He has been scarred, and that he is furious of how his kind has been treated for many years. He wanted a way in order to change the positions of African Americans.

He had then work with other abolitionist in order to find a way to let African Americans become free. At the age of 13, Frederick read the speeches on freedom in The Columbian Orator. He then read the local newspaper and learned more about abolitionists. He was inspired and young Frederick obtains an idea to dislike slavery. He dreamed to become an abolitionist once he is older in order to save other African Americans. Once he lived in New Bedford for a couple months, a young male came up to Douglass and asked him if he wanted to subscribe to the Liberator.

It is a newspaper edited by the leader of an Anti-Slavery Society. The leader was William Lloyd Garrison. Frederick said, “The paper became my meat and drink,” “My soul was set all on fire. ” Frederick Douglass has obtained a goal and what he is planning to do in order for African American to have the position in society that they deserve. He spoke to the crowds, telling them his life experiences of a slave and they were touched by his story. They then had paid more attention towards the issue of slavery. In 1843 he joined in the Hundred Conventions project which was like an Anti-slavery society.

He then found the purpose of his life. His job was not easy due to the fact that there were still some racist people where he went and they did racist practices. The things they did to him was that they had beaten him up. Since he was traveling he had to live in poor house and also he was called names on the transportation. They had separated him due to skin color. His skills as a speaker grew at a steady rate since he obtained that skill when he was younger through learning the basic reading, writing, and speaking. He had appealed more crowds. He had published his book in May of 1845. ,000 copies have been sold called the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. His book had become well known is the North. His goal was also to create equality between the two races. Later in his years, he had met up with President Abraham Lincoln. They had discussed ways to make the South unable to allow slavery to exist. The South wanted to break apart from the North and start a Confederate state of their own. President Abraham Lincoln thought that if he had passed the law that emancipated the slaves, the Union’s Border States might refuse and join the Confederacy.

Douglass continues to give his speeches and keep up the daily newspaper. President Lincoln knew that he had to make big changes so in September; President Lincoln won his first victory when the northern army pushes the Confederate army at the battle of Antietam in Maryland. It resulted in freeing millions of slaves in the confederate states. Frederick Douglass and President Lincoln once meet again in the second meeting of August 1864. The president worried that they might not win the war and he did not want to sign the peace with the Confederacy.

Frederick then had to think of a way to help them win the war. In the summer of 1864, General William T Sherman and his army marched into the heart of the South. They destroyed everything in their pathway. In result the North won and Lincoln was reelected. In conclusion, Frederick Douglass was a great man to help change the position for African Americans. He had a big impact on slavery and his experiences going through slavery had helped him become the person who he was today. As a child he had been through hardships working on the field.

He then starts to question why he is treated like this due to his skin color. Then once he reached his teenage age he started to become rebellious and he planned to escape to freedom. This was a major point which affected this later life. Later in his life he had known what he wanted to do, he had become an Abolitionist. He had helped freed many slaves during his life time. Now in modern time he is well known due to the fact that he was a very important person who had a big impact in society.

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