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in simple terms means wall/ceiling paintings or murals. Basically,fresco
terminology derives from French which means fresh. It is found 30,000 years before in the caves of europe’s
interiors. Fresco is a painting/coloring technique applied to wet plaster to
achieve the colorful painting surface as the permanent part of that area.

on walls give fresh and warm look to any area. Different concepts can be
achieved by painting different themes on wall i.e. contemporary, modern,
vintage & etc.

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is the most oldest and durable painting technique. Different effects can be
given to different wall frescoes by using many materials other than plain and
simple color. Fresco always give matte surface.

in interior design plays a huge role in achieving the moods of walls &
creating a environment. Fresco gives artistic feel and elegance to the space.The
ancestral frescoes are very precious and gives the feel of vintage style.
Now-a-days, Interior design gives special place to frescoes for creating the
ambience or feel of any environment. Now people usually can have European and
Italian feel in interior and exterior as well. Ombre is the effect in fresco
painting which is used widely. It is the effect in which color slowly fades
into another color, gradually moving from dark to light or light to dark

up, frescoes held a major place in interior design.They can strike you on your
spiritual level,create a smooth vibes, gives vocational feel, makes you feel
comfortable. It  is all depends upon the
type of fresco and which material is used to give which effect. For e.g. ombre
painting can give you the refreshingly bright feel.They can actually help to
explore any style or architectural building teasures.

just pick your concept and add a fresco to that space to give any feel and
volume to the surface.



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