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From the creators of Vine, a new live trivia game show is capturing the interest of people all over the globe. Every day at 9pm EST and on weekdays at 3pm EST, the HQ Trivia game brings people together in pursuit of finding out who knows the most useless information. The game is composed of twelve multiple choice questions, ranging from easy to practically impossible, with those who answer them all correctly splitting a cash prize. The host, Jewish comedian Scott Rogowski, who the internet loves to hate, captures the audience with his funny antics and difficult questions.Recently, the popularity of HQ, which can be downloaded on the Apple Store or, as of January 1st, the Google Play Store, has skyrocketed. After being created in August 2017 by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, the founders of Vine, a no longer existent video sharing platform, HQ began by giving out just $250 and having only around 4,000 participants per game. Now, the base jackpot is $2000 and it often is higher, such as on New Year’s Eve, when HQ was offering $18,000. On January 7th, 2018, HQ broke records with 1 million people around the world stopping whatever they were doing and playing HQ at 9pm EST. That game was played by more people than live in the entire city of Boston and about the same amount of people as live in Austin, Texas. Scott Rogowski, the main host of HQ, often jokes about his Judaism. When introducing himself at the start of every game, Rogowski often calls himself the “Semitic Sajak” and the “Meshuggeneh Martindale.” On Chanukkah, Scott wore a blue and white suit adorned with Menorahs. In an interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Rogowski answered that his favorite HQ question so far has been, “”Which baseball player holds the Major League record for most total bases in a single 9-inning game?” The answer is Shawn Green, and it’s my favorite because Shawn Green tweeted me his appreciation after that game. To find out that the greatest Jewish baseball player of my generation plays HQ Trivia is enough for me to retire on, frankly.”January 11th was a momentous day for HQ players, also known as “HQuties.” Jimmy Kimmel replaced regular host Scott Rogowski for one special game. Viewers were delighted by Kimmel’s surprise appearance and it showed the true popularity of HQ. Centered on knowledge of trivia facts, HQ encourages users to learn and absorb as much as possible, incentivising them with cash. While this new game has grown exponentially since its creation, it is yet to be seen whether this pattern continues or if the game comes crashing down. HQ’s main flaws are tech related. Streaming live interactive video to hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide can be difficult, and HQ has definitely experienced these difficulties. Users complain of glitches eliminating them from games after a correct answer, or glitches just not displaying the question at all. HQ Trivia, the new, modern obsession of many, is bringing people together in a  new way, it is bringing people together to learn and to laugh.

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