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Cryptocurrencies are rising! The market cap of cryptocurrencies recently surpassed over $100 Billion and the market is still booming, thus creating so much opportunity for all those interested in learning more about the world of cryptocurrency.


At Study and Invest you will learn everything about how cryptocurrency works, how to invest and why it is different from regular currencies.


What will you will learn at Study and Invest:



1.     Understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies

2.     Key aspects of getting started with cryptocurrency trading

3.     Difference between crypto currency exchanges and markets

4.     How to secure cryptocurrencies

5.     How to apply the fundamentals of cryptocurrency

6.     Practical learning which is 100% risk free, as we offer you the amount to invest



How to get started:


1.   Apply to become a student at Study and Invest and if approved you will receive:


·      An investment account

·      A 100 USD deposit to the account

·      Free training and support about the No.1 Cryptocurrency


(when they click on ‘become a student’, it will route them to the contact form page)



2.     We will lend you the money to invest, you invest our money and you keep the returns.


Earn easy returns of up to 40 USD p.m. or more. in a hassle-free manner by investing our money and learning how to earn more returns in a few months.



100% Risk Free

Free Training and Support

No Deposit / Investment







Q: Is there any risk?

A: The investment platform used is a high-risk platform. You only risk the money you borrow from Study and Invest and if the investment platform does provide a return of the amount borrowed, then you do not owe anything.


Q: It is possible to also invest your own money in the platform?

A: Never risk money that you cannot afford to lose.


Q: How does the repayments work?

A: Until the borrowed amount is payed back, then every month you will pay the gains from the investment platform back to Study and Invest. With the current gains, this should be less than 3 months. All profit after paying back the amount is for you to keep or reinvest for more profit”


Q: Who is behind Study and Invest?

A: This website is operated by Senior Investors in crypto currencies. We have experienced the life-changing impact of these investments and want to provide capital and knowledge to the next generation of investors.


Q: What will I get from Study and Invest?

A: You will receive a loan of minimum 100 USD equivalent in Bitcoin. We will help you in setting up the investment account and transfer the money to your account so you are ready to invest. We will provide training to help you learn how to use the platform and how to make an additional income


Q: How can I convert my gains in Bitcoin to Indian rupee?

A: As part of the training we will provide you will get full instructions on how to transfer your gains in Bitcoin to Indian rupee into your bank account.


Q: Is the programme only available for university students?

A: Generally, yes. You are welcome to fill out the application form even if you are not a student and we will put you on a waiting list in case we expand the programme.


Q: How many people will get the funding and training?

A: The goal is 100 people in 2018

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