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Geopolitics is the study of the effects of geography (both human and
physical) on international politics and international relations. Geopolitics is
a method of foreign policy analysis which seeks to realize, clarify, and
predict international political behavior mostly in terms of geographical
variables. Characteristic geographical variables are the physical location,
size, climate, topography, demography, natural resources, and technological
advances of the state being evaluated. Usually, the term has applied primarily
to the impact of geography on politics, but its usage has evolved over the past
century to encompass wider connotations.

From economic side, geopolitical economics is primarily macroeconomic study
and reasoning that takes into account geopolitical forces and aspects. How
geography and control over all types of resources are not only shaping the
political process and foreign policy, but increasingly the economy and
financial markets. Nonetheless not in exclusive mono-causality, but with
causality in both directions. Geopolitical interests are increasingly driving
economic and monetary policy, but also economic interests are shaping military,
foreign and energy policy

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Existing research is widely available about geopolitical importance,
however it is not clear how geopolitical location impacts on countries’


The main objective of the proposed
research is to understand how geopolitical location of Turkey impacts its
economy and which things play important role.

3) Main objectives

1. To understand geopolitical location of Turkey and its importance

2. To examine Turkey’s economic policies

3. To analyze effects of geopolitical location of Turkey on its economic

4. To analyze effects of regional terrorism on Turkey economy




Research Questions

1. How does geopolitical location of Turkey impact its economy?

2. Which elements of location are play key role on economy?



Geopolitics is the study of the distribution, concentration and
divisions of power and their influence on the conduct of world politics. In its
original usage it referred to the impact on inter-state relations of the
spatial disposition of continents and oceans and the distributions of natural
and human resources. Today, however, the term also includes examination of all
of the geographical assumptions, designations, and understandings that enter
into the making of world politics (as in critical geopolitics) and how these
change in concert with material conditions (historical geopolitics) (Agnew, 2003).

Also there has been an emerging empirical literature on the economic
effects of particular regional terrorist organizations and specific cases of
political violence. Notable examples include Kurdistan Workers’ Party
(PKK) in Turkey (Özsoy and Sahin, 2006; Feridun and Sezgin, 2008; Araz-Takay et
al., 2009; Öcal and Y?ld?r?m, 2010; Derin-Güre, 2011; Feridun, 2011; Kayao?lu,

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