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has a rich history that acts like a roller coaster. It had a fair share of
climbs and a fair share of big drops. Germany is a country with a rich history
and we can learn a lot from the things that they have gone through.

Nevertheless, Germany is a country that has got up after it went down and they
really did persevere.

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decline began after World War 1. After the Allies advanced on them in the war
they signed an armistice, or truce, to stop the fighting. After they signed the
armistice, Germany organized a government and lost 10% of their land, had to
dismantle their army, and had to take full responsibility for the war. To them
this felt like humiliation by the Allies. In addition to all of that they were
forced to pay for the damages they had caused and that sent their economy in a
downward spiral.

great depression in 1929 set brought their economy even lower. This is when the
US had to withdraw their loans from Germany. This set off the German people and
Angered them. prior to this Adolf Hitler was jailed after trying to overthrow
the government. During this time Hitler used the fear and anger of the people
to help him get into office. He ran for president and failed but was made
chancellor by General von Hindenburg. In 1933 a young worker in the parliament
building was accused of setting fire to it. Hitler used this action to convince
the government to give him emergency powers and the German people lost their
right to free press.

Hindenburg died in 1934. This was when Hitler rose to power. Politicians and
business men wanted to stay in the light of the people and decided to endorse
Hitler. They believed that his radical ideas were only for show. Hitler put the
blame on the Jewish people and people believed him when he said that the Jewish
people were profiting off of the failure of World War 1. This is how he
convinced the people to rise up against the Jews and he tried to exterminate
them all. The tipping point of World War 2 happened when the Japanese decided
to surprise attack the US at Pearl Harbor. This was an attempt by them to scare
the US out of the war. this proved to be a vital mistake because the US was
already aiding armies against them and this just brought them into the war,
which inevitably was ended by them.


Germany’s history, there were many political issues. The main one came at the
end of World War 1. This was the period where Germany lost the war and had to
come up with a new form of government. This new government was mainly
democratic. When their president was General von Hindenburg, he was easily
swayed by the actions of Hitler. Many people feared the actions of Hitler but
he silenced them with intimidation.

incident also happened towards the end of World War 1. This was immediately
after the war when Germany signed the armistice. The imperial government
collapsed and civil unrest broke out along with workers strikes. Fearing the
rise of communism, they formed a democratic government by which the people
would live under. This government was called the Weimar Republic. This was the
government that implemented the peace treaty that the Allies pushed on them.

This brought the collapse of their economy and gave Hitler a path by which he
gained his power.

last social issue that will be talked about happened during World War 2. This
is when the Jews were despised for their success after the war. The German
people saw them as gaining from the loss of the war. Hitler used this idea to
show the Jews as the people who caused the loss of the war. He labeled them as
traitors for not wanting the war and also tried to kill off all of them. During
the war millions of Jews were killed. They were killed by furnaces, gas chamber
and starvation. The Nazis burnt them alive in furnaces, worked them till they
couldn’t bear to live anymore and locked them in experimental chambers in which
they put gas in to see the effects. They did a lot of bad things that we can
learn from today.


exquisent writer from Germany is Elie Wiesel. This was a Jewish author that had
a first-hand experience with Nazi Germany. In his book Night, he talks about
the nightmare like events that took place in internment camps. The story talks
about how he got away from the internment camp and all of the horrible things
that went on in there. This is a trilogy with three books. The three books are
Night, Dawn and Day. In the book Night Elie is liberated at the age of 16 but
it was too late for his father. His father died from being beaten. Elie talks
about how they had to remove their shoes and there was even a story about how
they all had to have their gold crowns removed from the insides of their teeth.

They endured countless beatings and were forced to work until they could no
more and were given very little food to survive off of. It is very interesting
to learn about the struggles that the Jews endured during this time. It is
important for us to realize that the Jews did nothing wrong. All of the hatred
that they faced came from fear and jealousy. The people of Germany thought that
the Jews had betrayed them because they were successful after the war. Hitler
just had radical ideas and used the fear and anger of the people to embrace his
ideas. He also used intimidation to scare the people into not talking against
him and get businessmen to support him. 

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