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Getting engaged is one
of the most exciting milestones in a couple’s life together. But when one of
you is in active duty, the question of “when” becomes more and more pressing
with each passing day.

While you might be
more inclined to wait for marriage, there are several benefits to getting
married before deployment.

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Housing Allowance

Housing benefits are
extremely beneficial for military families who are constantly on the move from
base to base. And not only are there allowances given to spouses but children
as well.

The housing allowance
is presented from the date of marriage, but you must have your marriage license
in order to get approved for benefits. In some states, there’s a waiting period
to receive your marriage license that ranges from one-five days, so be sure
your license comes in time for the day you wish to apply for benefits.

Medical Care Benefits

The Tricare Military
Medical System provides health care coverage to military spouses and children.
Once the marriage is confirmed and the application is approved, a military ID
card is issued. Military spouses can also file for reimbursement should they
require a medical ID card before it is officially issued to the couple.

Family Separation Allowance

This is a benefit that
spouses receive as a supplement to income while their husband or wife is
deployed. It can help pay for things like groceries, gas, and other necessary living
expenses. The only caveat is that this benefit takes 30 days of active duty in
order to go into effect.

Movement of Dependents
and Household Goods

Moving is expensive,
time-consuming, and stressful. Fortunately, our government is sympathetic to
this additional hardship put on military families, which is where household goods
benefits come into play. Once the active duty family member applies for a new
station, the government will reimburse for any relocation and travel expense.

Base Benefits

Being married to a
soldier and living on a base can have some huge perks when you’re a Military ID
cardholder, especially if you have children or wish to have them in the future.

For one thing,
military base shopping centers have competitively priced items with no tax
added, so you can buy groceries and clothing for cheap compared to the rest of
your area.

Bases also provide
family support services to service members and their dependents, such as
counseling, daycare, and religious services.

Furthermore, card
holders get special access to education services offered on-base ranging from
babies to adults. On top of that, outdoor activities and holiday events are
usually free-of-charge for card holders. So, in order to take full advantage of
the base benefits, it literally pays to be married!

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