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Gilded Problems

Living conditions during the gilded age were not healthy. Many people lived in tenements. Life in the tenements was trashy, and the space between each tenement was about one foot. They also did not have any type of plumbing, so all the waste would wash down to the street. Also many people would live in one small tenement. Between 1812 and 1840 the American political landscape underwent significant changes. The most important of these changes was the rise of the formal political party and the struggles for and against this perilous structure.

Political parties began to grow, as they grew. Political machines in the late 1800s were corrupt in many different ways. One of the ways was influencing votes through so-called charitable acts. Another way was that they would protect certain criminals in return for monetary support. Some products during this age were unsafe products was the toxic fumes factory workers would inhale. Also the working the task factories would have children do, such as crawl under dangerous machines where adults could not fit. These task would case injury or even death. Discrimination along with this everyone hated life. t wsnt all that great. no one wanted to work in the factories but thst was the only work source, and available to the poor, most were uneducated. Gilded problems 1812 ana 1840 tne American polltlcal landscape underwent slgnlTlcant thst was the only work source, and available to the poor, most were uneducated. nt I nese task would case Injury or even aeatn Dlscrlmlnatlon along thst was the only work source, and avaibale to the poor, most were uneducated. the kids could not be kids. they hJad to work Just as hard their parents most died from the dangerous trasks they had to perform

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