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Ginger used widely in the in Asia and Indian sub-continental cuisine. But, its medicinal properties found in many cultures for healthy fitness as well. It also has an ancient history of making remedies of many kinds health issues such as nausea, pain, motion sickness and loss of appetite. Ginger root is consumed clean and fresh dried powder as a spice, as juice or in oil form.

Ginger’s Health Benefits

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Ginger has its long conventional and effective easing of many types of diseases like gastrointestinal distress, brilliant carminative, intestinal spasmolytic and other herbal medications. Some top ginger remedies are discussed here:

Ginger reduces gastrointestinal issues. 

A recent study of “double-blind” has successfully reported that ginger has the strong properties to eliminate the disorder of gastrointestinal and it can prevent effectively the symptoms and signs of motion sickness, generally seasickness. Ginger is able to reduce all types of motion sickness like nausea, cold sweating, vomiting and dizziness.

Vomiting and Nausea for the period of Pregnancy

Most of the pregnant women experiencing a special health condition named “morning sickness”, vomiting, and it could be relieved using ginger with its various forms like candies or lozenges. Ginger shows very useful effect to reduce vomiting and nausea at the period of pregnancy, even in the most severe form (extreme condition). Moreover, it’s safe in pregnancy and need a very small dose to get effective results.

Ginger Reduces menstrual pain.

The studies have suggested that in the menstrual periods of women can take 1500 mg of ginger at 3 equal divided doses per day for first 3 days of menstruation, the severity of pain and other symptoms are reduced very effectively. The other study has reported that the specific ginger extract supplement of 250 mg for 4 times per day at the beginning of the period of the first 3 days reduces pain and some other symptoms up to 62%.

Ginger Reduces Osteoarthritis.

In the studies found that the form of arthritis named “Osteoarthritis” can be modestly decreased with ginger. Regular consumption of the specific ginger supplement daily at 250 mg 4 times, reduces the pain of arthritis. You can also use massage therapy with ginger + oil along with orange to reduce the stiffness of short-term as well as the knee pain of the people.

Ginger Boosts Immunity.

Ginger acts like body warmer in the cold days and helps to improve healthy sweating, which is very helpful to overcome cold and flu. It could make you surprised that good sweat can do much to assist detoxification. The researchers in Germany have found recently that swear contains the agent of germ-fighting that can assist the fight against infection.

Ginger Decreases Blood Sugar Levels.

For the treatment of diabetes, it works both therapeutically and prevent effectively to release of insulin and action to improve lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. In a clinical test suggested that 3 grams of ginger powder consumption for one month can change blood sugar levels significantly, reduces the blood glucose, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol.


Finally, Some Unknown & Proven Health Benefits of Ginger are revealed above. Regular consumption of ginger can help to avail many more health benefits. And ginger is safe to consume for all age groups and even in pregnancy as well. It’s one of the great super foods.


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Ginger’s healthy benefits to keep you fit and relief from several health issues, like gastrointestinal problems, menstrual pain, Boosts Immunity etc.

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