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‘GOOD MOOD IS GOOD FOOD’. The discussion about food practices and the taste is a colossal point in the everywhere throughout the world. Modern day food desire is getting high and due to numerous exchanging exercises growing up, for example, hotel and restaurant. Forcefully Singapore is one of the celebrated places on the planet for offering food. A few people are utilized to call Singapore for “Food heaven”. The restaurant is a key certainty for Singapore food industry in light of the fact that the greater part of the Singapore populace occupied with their work and they want to have their food outside the house. It’s turned out to be a more favourable position for Singapore food advertising in light of the fact that they have a tremendous measure of customers. Singapore food industry is extremely as a result of the client a considerable measure of decisions and there a progress in food information. Today customers are no longer simple source of profit there are main factor who impact for the profit. The goal of the exploration is to discover of Singapore customer satisfaction level and how restaurant fulfil their customer needs and wants.

1.Company profile

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The report will be investigations of Good Old day restaurant visitor fulfilment and how they will satisfy their customer’s needs. This restaurant outlined particularly to look like British colonial house. They have ala cart and buffet food service for coustomers.The good Old day is a new lounged restaurant on Sentosa island (relaxed 2014).but Good old day restaurant under the one of the popular brand name of “one faber group ‘.this group has over 10 Food and beverage outlet all over the sentosa island and Good old day is one of their main outlet.



2. Methodology

The information of the good old day restaurant has been directing by a meeting with restaurant manager and a portion of the front staff, also current consumer loyalty and client input of the restaurant found by sites, for example, Trip Advisor and Facebook.


3. Service of Good old day restaurant


A.Service delivery

A customer is a most imperative reality in the restaurant or any food industry. Since customer does not rely on the restaurant, the restaurant is the one rely on customers. He is the one influencing a chance to make benefit and brand name. Along these lines GOD restaurant staff continually attempting to deliver level best for their customers. Conveying customers isn’t that simple since it can be an alternate kind of mistake.

Gap model

 1. Customer gap:

Customer gap based on an understanding of their objective market and customer expectation. The good old day has a well clear comprehension of their target market, at that point, it’s turned into a simple thing to diminish service gap. This restaurant is arranged in one of the popular Tourism attractive places in Sentosa Island. Their primary target is Tour group. There providing quality traditional buffet service for fair price.

2. Knowledge gap:

The gap between customer expectation and restaurant perception making knowledge gap. But in this restaurant management awareness about customer needs. As a result of that aside from the buffet service, they have the fast food idea ala-cart menu for non-tour group visitor’s .there for customers can have a quick meal and spare their chance for leisure activities.

3. Policy gap

Good old day restaurant has their own company policy stand arrangement stands to incorporate staff grooming, attitude, first impression, and commitments, which are imperative for delivering excellent service. This restaurant mainly focusing on staff grooming stranded because it’s giving 1st imprecation for customers.


4. Delivery gap

This gap exposes the weakness of the staff performance. Ex; lack of product knowledge, the difficulty of managing customer question and issues. For this case Good old day every month 2nd Sunday having communication meeting with their staff and giving product knowledge also sharing staff experience of last month. It’s made clear pitcher about their service delivery. But currently in Good old day has known full well-experienced staff

5. Communication gap

“Under promise and over deliveries” is the best solution to reducing this gap. This gap happened over-promising in advertising does not match the actual service. The good old day has many sub-agendas companies for providing tour group. They had some communication issues regarding food prices and creates many guests disappointed and they lose many customers. Because of this issues now a days this restaurant direct communication with tour leaders not with argent companies.


B. Service Quality and stranded of Good old day restaurant

RATER scale is the best way to increase the service quality of the company. In Good old day management use to parties 5 dimensions for keep standees of the restaurant.  It is same for the RATER model but there are using 5 deferent word for it. They are,

Friendliness: good service is all about be friendly and welcoming customers. In good old day restaurant manager or supervisor always welcoming for the guest from enters .after that waiter is the one take caring customers. This restaurant staff are really friendly waiter might ask customer about their day, help them with make food choice and customer compliments.

Knowledge: good old day restaurant most of the customers are holiday visitors, Then product knowledge is every important for the staff because this restaurant selling traditional Singapore food, in this case staff should be able to answer question related to menu ingredients and preparation. The biggest challenge of the restaurant staff to serving customers who have food allergic or special this case their giving good training for their staff, sometime management use to send Mistry shopper to check their staff product knowledge

Flexibility: tour groups may change the number of customers may rise and fouls, but in Good old day restaurant staff are able to go with flow and adjust the customer needs. Also buffer style mainly self-service but they train to staff be fixable with bring food from buffet and serve for the guest up on their request

Attention: good old day management never want to feel forget but some time kitchen side food can be late, Friday and weekend is most busy nights for good old day restaurant. But staff never let their service to feel over look. Especially in busy time manager and supervisor use to go every signal guest and checking their ala crat orders they use to update about preparation.

Make it right: as a human been mistake can happened. But good old day restaurant want to take action same time for mistake and make guest happy there for this return empowered their fount staff .That means, everybody has to be able to make fast decisions on the spot, without going to a manager. After taking action they have to manger or supervisor to what happened and check the guest satisfaction.

C. Service failure and recovery

Mapping a ala carte restaurant service counter

Mapping for buffet service


D.Reason for service failures

As per the both blueprint map, there might be a failures starting with one’s guest entering the restaurant staff not greeting and customer can be unhappy. As per the good old day management most of the service failure happened during customers are ordering food and posting food to kitchen. Because of wrong orders guest have to wait long time for food, due to the long waiting time, customer might be unhappy. Also some failure could be happened when customer paying, because might be wrong items key in to the bill it can guest make unhappy.

C.Service recovery

There is many strategies for service good old day restaurant they don’t want send any guest with unhappy service experience. There are know how to handle complain and recover it. Good old day following 4 steps, 1.act quickly for any complain, 2.take responsibility, 3.make an empowered dissension and 4.compensate the customer. This steps make any complain guest to happy. But there is some demanding guest also in this case there using “SAHARA’ strategies for deal with them.

$. Staff training and development  

Training is important thing in food and beverage this restaurant always focuses to develop their staff product and service knowledge, attitude and communication skills. Good old day training analysis is below

1.    Good old day first step is employee training orientation. When hiring new staff orientation is really help them to understand restaurants practices, company goal, history and customer needs

2.    create and upgrade training plan, after the orientation the training plan target to different department Ex: bar ,hosting and kitchen it is giving well experience for staff and staff able to work every section

3.    Guidance and observation , after two step training is not finished manger always advice senior staff to guide new staff there for ever new staff there put under supervisor

4.    External training, every 3 months restaurant doing this special training period for new and old staff because they want to make knowledge and skill full staff. Also staff can suggests what kind of training they need in this period

5.    Recognize top employees, this restaurant understand training is not enough to improve quality service, need some motivation for employees, there for every month good old day has “employee of the month “reword programme.

6.    Team building exercise, team work is the key fact for restaurant. there for they have team building session outside the restaurant ex: going out for fishing, watching movie and beach activities





5.Coustomer satisfaction

Coustomer satisfaction is key objective of resturent.but messering coustomer satisfaction  is quite dificalte.good old day resturent got many good coments in trip advieser and social media web side but SERVQUAL being crucule eliment for mesure coustomer satisfation level in good old day resturent.

In this method, customer satisfaction is based on comparison of customer expectation and good old day restaurant perceptions of delivered service. The defiance between expectation and perceptions score is called SERVQULA gap. Negative gaps shows service didn’t match with expectation and positive gaps shows exceeded customer expectation. Good old days can understand there service strength and weaknesses using this methods.

Example SERVQUAL analysis for Good old day restaurant is bellow,





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