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and Joshiin (2011) suggested that people are aware most of the issues
concerning our environmental and hazardous effects of factories and
manufacturing industries. Researchers found that an organizations need to adopt
sustainable and feasible advantage by creating ecofriendly products, which does
not harm environment and our society. Banks can show their good intention
towards society and environment by giving loans to those organizations who
wants to create ecofriendly products, or work as ethical or socially
responsible or wants to help society as non-profit organizations or who have
good intentions towards society. However, it could affect the economic
development and industrial growth but our environment and society does not
afford this development at the cost of the environment depletion.

(1989) have discussed about corporate ethical responsibility in banking or
business perspective however corporations do have some responsibility towards
society means work as an ethical organization. A company’s status and their
works recorded and observe their ethical work, it can affect companies image
and it can make sure that their businesses success or failure because it
depends on their work nature. However, all financial corporations have some bad
history of placing their interest against legal methods. Sometimes companies
exposed to their corruption, and it affects their image and their business.

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(2014) wants to describe the importance of ethics in business and relating it
with the law. According to author, financial intermediaries must preserve to
instructions of regulation, industry values and perform morally. In his
research they have describe the questions for example what do you think why
financial institutions needs to work on ethical standards or needs transparency
in their institution?  He also asked, why
do we need to measure ethics in businesses or ethics towards the customer’s? Alternatively,
ethics towards employer or employee and the society, he also tries to look
financial service aspects on ethical services towards stakeholders. Their
research covers ethical values in financial industries and stakeholders view on
current performance as well as tendencies.

(2002) gives an introduction to the concept of what is frequently describing as
“integrity, responsibility and affinity” these are three aspects of ethics in
banking and finance. Banking, is common with other areas of financing it is
often measured an unethical field focused purely on risk and return. However,
ethics does have a vital role to play both traditional businesses and banking
progress. Based on a speech to a European Union conference on financing small
and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs), their research is to provide an overview
of ethics in banking using three terms.

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