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Grab Some Items from the Flea MarketThe biggest open-air food market in Vienna is Naschmarkt, which opens from Mondays to Sundays. Admire the bounty stalls from the buckets of pickles to tulips, plump and wines, purple-flushed figs. You can also take a stop for breakfast at Tewa or Do-An. During Saturdays, you can visit the flea market as early as 7 in the morning.Take a Short Walk Through the City’s Musical ParkThe biggest of Ringstrasse parks, Stradtpark basically stretches from the east of the Schwarzenbergplatz to the Stubentor. The main entrance is actually flanked by stone-carved Jugendstill colonnades. Music is the theme in this place and many visitors head for schmaltzy, yet finely executed gilt statue of the Johann Strauss.Experience the Arty Trinity of ViennaMuseumsQuartier is once known as the imperial stables. But, today, it’s a great place for people-watching and lounging. It is also a perfect spot for those who appreciate art seriously. Before standing 3 artistic behemoths, Leopold Museum’s white limestone cube, the Kunsthalle Wien occupies the old winter riding hall as well as black basalt Museum of the Modern Art, which is called MUMOK. If you don’t have much energy for all, you can consider the Leopold as it has the biggest collection of the work of Egon Schiele and has glass-walled, swish café.Lunch Like LocalsThe city of Vienna is basically a place for students and bureaucrats. All of them have to be watered and fed. Inside the hulking ministries as well as cultural institutions of the city, the canteens are open during weekdays. If you are on a budget, there are various options you can consider within the city.Complete Your Trip to Vienna By Enjoying an Aerial ViewYour trip to Vienna would not be complete without riding the nineteenth century Riesenrad or the giant ferris wheel, which was featured in The Third Man. This is the only remaining work of Walter Basset, a British engineer, who also constructed the wheels for Paris, London, and Blackpool. This was finished in year 1897 to commemorate Franz Josef’s Golden Jubilee.

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