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Grupo Nutresa is
one Columbia Multinational company who deal with processes Food industry and
its 4th largest food company in Latin America and they deal with different
segment i.e. coffee, cold cuts, biscuit & chocolate. It’s coffee
specialized subsidiary is Colcafe which is sale and manufacturing of instant
coffee and help Grupo Nutresa to gain positive popularity because of high
expertise in technology.

The growing demand
for instant coffee in Asia and the coffee market of Asia is expanding. The
Joint venture of Grupo Nutresa and Mitsubishi Corporation which is Japan-based
global integrated company specialized in multiple industries including finance,
food, electronics etc, it has a diverse business range of products. Reason
behind choosing Mitsubishi as joint venture partner to form an alliance is
because that first coffee export of Grupo Nutresa is in Japan in 1961 and the
relationship with Japan is long-term nature and the other reason is in 2012
Grupo Nutresa had acquired Dan Kaffe Malaysia soluble -dried Coffee company
through its subsidiary Colcafe with 44% stake and other stakeholders are 30%
Mitsubishi Corporation and 26% Takasago International Corporation, specialised
in flavours and fragrance and that acquisition is performing well.

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Grupo Nutresa and
Mitsubishi come together in 2014 to form as fifty-fifty Joint venture alliance
which is Oriental Coffee Alliance SDH.BHD and this will act as a base to expand
the business in Asia. The alliance is the perfect combination as Grupo Nutresa
is world class and expertise in soluble coffee and Mitsubishi because of the
knowledge of Asia culture they got, it is a combination of potential.

 The strategic motive behind this venture is to
expand their business in instant coffee sale, commercialization of coffee sale
and taking that advantage of the growing number of consumer market in Asia as
there is growing number of middle-class population as well and Malaysia is best
platform of expanding business because of raw material at competitive price,
political stability, cheap labour and ease of doing business.

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