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Analysis: Suffering Worksheet

Amery Kamani

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December 3rd,

Professor Mark


a time when you experienced a significant period of suffering. How did you deal
with that experience? How did you find comfort in the midst of suffering?

time where I experienced a great amount of suffering would be when I was
enduring a great time of sadness and deep depression. It was a time around my sophomore
year of high school when I fell in love with a girl. I gave this relationship
my everything to the point where I put it before my grades. When I found out
she cheated on me, and we broke up. I felt as if my heart had been ripped out
of my chest. Together with the breakup, I had bad grades, and my parents also
on my case yelling at me about school. Every night my depression got darker and
darker to the point of me having suicidal thoughts every night. My parents
didn’t know about my depression and how suicidal I was. The night I was going
to kill myself, I went to lie on my bed and fell asleep on accident. The dream
I had would change my life, it was of my lying in my casket looking straight
out and my parents and sibling crying. The next couple of months I started to
work out and have been my biggest I have ever been. To deal with my depression,
I chose working out as it’s such a therapeutic thing for me. To go into a gym
with earphones and peace and quiet and pump weights is something I can go to, to
release my anger.

summarize the problem of evil and suffering. Cite and reference the lecture
and/or Chapter 9 in the textbook.

problem of evil and suffering is that evil is present wherever you are. Even in
the places where we think evil cant reside, it stills lingers in an individual,
such as a malicious energy or thought in their mind. Most people don’t really
understand why there is evil and suffering in this world of God, a world where
Christ rules all. The problem of Evil relates to whether or not you no what a
deity is. The word Deity can be considered as a being of good, but allows evil
and suffering to be present at all times (GCU, 2016). Humanity is not
considered a deity because we are the reason that there is suffering and the worst
of all, evil in this world. We sin, we fight, and we kill which brings the most
evil out of people. As we know, God allows us to have free will, which means
that we are able to believe or accept him, but to will to do good or evil isn’t
in God’s control but the individuals.

summarize the Christian worldview’s response to the problem of evil and
suffering. Cite and reference the lecture and/or Chapter 9 in the textbook.

Christian worldviews response to the problem of evil and suffering is best
explained and showed through the example of Job. Job was a very religious
person and held everything from his life, to his dreams in God’s hands.  Through the devil’s challenge, God sent
tragedies to Job. This shows that suffering will come to a person even if they
are high in society or religious beliefs; however, God cares about every single
person suffering regardless of what they have done. It is shown that Job asks
God questions rather than blaming him which is okay because asking God
questions will reveal who you are within as he listens to you. It is however
not okay to blame God for the evil and suffering we are enduring, or question
his love for us. It is very comforting to know that whatever hardships we are
enduring, God is listening, loving, and of all caring for us all the way.

Lastly, in the Christian Worldview, it explains that even though we are
suffering in pain and heart breaks, In the end everything will come together
and we will be with God, free from any kind of suffering. (Olmos, 2017)

that a close friend has just suffered through a great personal loss (death of a
loved one, natural disaster, disease, job loss, divorce, or a broken
relationship) and your friend asks you why God would let such a terrible thing
happen. How would you respond to your friend?

a close friend was suffering a heartbreak, family loss, or just feeling down. I
would definitely tell him that God is testing his ability to cope with pain. He
is testing you to make you a better person, and that God isn’t putting you
through this because of what you have done to sin. I will tell him to not blame
God, and that he is testing your loyalty to test that you’re faithful and not
to turn on him because he will turn on you. I will tell him that it is best to
just ride it out and try your hardest to not follow the devils tongue because
God is always watching you and in the end, he will reward you with everlasting

to Chapter 7 in the textbook, how might the problem of evil and suffering lead
one to the conclusion that moral absolutes exist?       

as there are different views of truth and knowledge, there are different views
of ethics and, therefore, different understandings about which behaviors are
moral (GCU,
2017). Truth is confined to fact or to the simple thought of what is real. To
say that something is real means it cannot be imaginary in a sense. If one
witness’s evil and suffering in the world, this can lead to a person believing
in absolutes. Meaning that to us the world is real and the sufferings of
likeminded souls is real, which means we are in the midst of it all. So, seeing
all these evils and sufferings in the absence of God, shows that evil and
suffering can be found in God. This meaning that there is no end to the
horrible suffering around the world, but it is the answer to it. This in turn
giving the person absolute truth.



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