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Guidelines for Self Evaluation of Group Interview: Write a self evaluation of your interview including at least the following points Was I well prepared for the interview? To prepare this interview, I read over my Job hunting lessons since the beginning years. I am very concentrated on the preparation of interview. I writed down the difficult questions and I tried to answer before exam. I prepared a lot this interview because I have difficulty to improvise in English. Moreover, I was afraid don’t understand Professor Questions.

That’s why, I summed up on a revision slip all vocabulary necessary for interview! How did I prepare? I begin to prepare this interview since once week. In effect, for me, interview appears like a hard test. The student should handle stress because, it isn’t easy to speak in English in front of other people. Moreover, I am naturally shy, consequently, the interview is a complicated exercise for me. Did I feel confident? I wasn’t confident for even if I had worked, I dislike interview exercise.

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Then, often, I don’t manage to find my Word in English, I wasn’t afraid didn’t know answer correctly. What was the most difficult part of the interview for me? The most difficult part for me was to put into words my ideas. I didn’t manage to translate perfectly my mind, my vocabulary was too much simple and not always adapted. How could I make this an easier experience next time? I would have to listen more carefully the professor questions and students answer.

With the stress, I didn’t listen really my colleague and I my reply lacked originality. Additionally, I would like be more specific and give answer less stereotype. Would it have been different if I had been alone rather than with a group? I think that I would have been less upset if I would have been alone. I manage more easily to express myself when I am only with the professor. Moreover, the team interview appears like less professional, in reality this exercise is often individual. Speak in front of other student reinforces the difficulty.

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