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 Hamlet and Horatio are very good friends. Without Horatio, Hamlet would be even more insane than he is.  Throughout the play Hamlet and Horatio had minor difficulties but still made it through.  The dynamics of their relationship changes out the acts,  but they still remained to be very great friends. Horatio has always been a great friend to Hamlet’s which caused Hamlet to put his trust in him. Hamlet has told information to Horatio, that he would never trust anyone with.       In the course of events, Horatio has had Hamlet’s back through thick and thin. Hamlet often says that he doesn’t care about living and how he wished he would die. He believes that his soul is immortal, so that makes him believe that the ghost can do nothing to harm his soul.  As he follows the ghost, Horatio makes comments about the heavens proclaiming that the heavens will oversee the result of Hamlet and the ghost. Horatio does not show fear of the ghost at all       After a moment, Horatio and Marcellus follow after Hamlet to protect him.  Horatio didn’t want nothing to happen to Hamlet, he feels like he would have an empty soul.          Hamlet admires Horatio because he sees good qualities, meaning that Horatio is very reserved and can control himself. Hamlet thinks highly of Horatio because Horatio is intelligent, brave, and discerning.  Horatio is the only person that Hamlet put his faith in during the play.  Hamlet see’s Horatio as a member of his family seeing as Hamlet doesn’t trust his real family.            Hamlet has asked Horatio to watch Claudius because they learn that Claudius is the one that killed hamlet’s father ( the king). In act 2 Hamlet did not want to tell anyone about his mother and uncles wedding and the funeral of his father, but he put his trust in Horatio and told him.   Towards the ending of the play Horatio was willingly going to commit suicide because Hamlet was stabbed by Laertes.  This shows a sign of loyalty to me coming from Horatio, because he didn’t want to live anymore if hamlet died.  Hamlet demands that Horatio does not kill himself but he wants Horatio to tell his story. Hamlet’s body was carried away by a fallen soldier.

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