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Have you ever heard about Nobel Prize? Today this
Prize which is awarded to person who leaves a wonderful result about some
fields of research is known to all over the world people. Why does this Prize’s
name include Nobel? What did Nobel do? I’m going to write this two question

First, I write Nobel’s easy explanation about his life
and what he did. Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm in 1833. (“” 1)
Nobel was grew up in Finland and in Russia. The editors of Encycolopaedia
Britannica says that “he was interested in explosives” in “early age.”
(“ENCYCOLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA”5) I had thought that he had interest in explosives
in later life before I checked him. I think that the most important point the
person who wants to leave your name in history is continued to be interested in
and not tire about it. “In 1867, Nobelhe patented mixture of nitroglycerin
and absorbent substance.”(“” 29-30) Then, he invented it which is
called Dynamite. This invention was made people dig a tunnel easily. I’m
surprised that Nobel invented Dynamite in 34 years old. He could leave his name
and he invent wonderful things which remains until today.

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Next, I write why the Nobel Prize is included Nobel’s
name. As a prerequisite, Nobel had many patents and much money. Nobel had did
to correspond with one person. Whose name is Bertha Von Suttner who is Nobel’s
friend. She opposed armed competition and wrote book which title is “Lay Down
Your Arms.” (“” 96) Nobel was impressed her think and might be
affected. After Nobel dead, “two young engineers established set about forming
the Nobel Foundation.”(“” 116-118) This foundation processing
Nobel’s assets. And there awarded prize. Nobel’s huge assets are used so his
name include Nobel Prize.

Finally, if we wanted to leave our own name, we might
endeavor than other people. Then, keep having interest is important things.
Even from now, we should find interested things. That way, we can see different
to usual view.

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