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Have you ever
thought about what type of car can be valuable to have? Would you choose a car
that can be charged in your home or the car that need to drive to fill it with
gas? Make your life easy and choose electric car! The battery of electric
vehicles takes about one hour to get completely charged, but it doesn’t cost
money. In What is the difference between AC and DC Charging’s article written
by Rachelle Tilsley, explains that “The AC power to DC allowing the
battery to be charged. The size of the onboard charging device is constrained
by the space inside the vehicle and price point the manufacturer needs to sell
the car. Because the onboard converter is small, the amount of power that they
are able to deliver to the battery is typically low (3-6kW).”  DC is known as direct charger that can make
the vehicle charged quickly because it has more power. Electric vehicles are
significantly much better than gas vehicles.

Electric car is
the most unique car because it charges by electricity, so we don’t have to put
gases. It is helpful because it doesn’t cost lots of money comparing to other
cars. Other cars cost people too much money because every week or maybe less
than a week, people have to buy gas. It has machine that can show that the car
is completely charged. It makes life easy because it can be charged by itself,
so we don’t need to go to gestation to put in it gas. It is same thing about
having a gestation inside your house. The reason is because electric car can be
charged when it’s in your home. This is awesome because it will save your time
and save your money. Other cars need gas, so you have to drive to get to
gestation. When people drive car no matter how far the distance can be, car
still spend gas. This is why electric car save people’s money. It actually
saves people’s time because if people have a job and they need to get hurry,
they don’t need to kind feeding their car. It is charged same as the phones.
During free time, people can charge their phone, so this is how electronic car
is an effective product to have.

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The most
comfortable car to drive would be electric car. People would choose driving
electric car instead of other cars. First, the reason is because if electric
car is closed to fire, it won’t burned or explode. It doesn’t contain gas to
get burn easily. It will get affected, but it won’t be dangerous for the
passengers or the driver. Other cars will easily get burned if they are next to
the fire because they have a gas. For instance, my brother in law, he was
coming from his work, so he stopped by the gestation to put gas. A homeless
person comes and talks to my brother in law that he will burn my brother in
law’s car if he doesn’t give her money. 
She showed him a spark plug, so my brother in law drives his car quickly
to avoid her. He was very sacred, so as a result, the police stop him, and told
him that he didn’t turn the lights on. The police told him if he sees him agin,
he will give him a ticket. This would be big risky because what if the homeless
girl did that, she would cause him to die and burn all the gestation. Second,
this car can be dangerous if people drive in freeway or with high speed and get
out of charge, and the car will stop, but it is safer than other cars. It is
rarely, that electric car can cause death because it can flip over if it in
high speed when it is out of charge, and the passengers of driver get injured.
The solution is to watch the car and ensure that is completely charged before
driving it. However, cars that have oils, there is no solution to avoid to get
burned. Third, electronic car doesn’t make smokes.  Shahan claims that, “Various types of air pollution, but it’s obvious that air pollution
from gasoline and diesel vehicles is a huge culprit here, so “Approximately $1 trillion a year in negative health
effects (cancer, premature death, asthma, heart attacks, etc.),” and  “$1 trillion isn’t pocket change — and
there’s suffering that goes along with it” (n.p). This is significantly a
serious problem because gasoline vehicles are about affecting people’s health.
If people think about this serious problem, they will choose to buy electric
car instead of gasoline vehicles. Children need to breathe fresh air, not un
healthy air that comes from gasoline vehicles, and same thing for adults and
people with disabilities. By introducing the number of people who drive
gasoline car, we will come up with good solution to reduce the smokes that
affect the air that we breathe. The
air that we breathe is not healthy because of the smokes that come from
factories and cars that use oil. If the car is out of water or oil, the machine
that is inside it, the smoke will come out of the machine; plus it will get
burned and if people don’t see that, the car will burn, and it will also cause
the death. I remember when my husband was teaching me how to derive; there was
a leak, so the machine wasn’t able to get the water. I observed that there was
falling of the water from the car, and I told my husband about it. As a result,
temperature of the car went up, so my husband stops in my neighbor’s house
because if the temperature gets high, the car will exploit and will cause the
death. The smoke was coming from the machine, so this smoke I breathe it
because I had to look what causes the temperature to go high.  We had to wait hour to get cooler to drive
it. It was just a waste of time because it was kind of a teaching class to
learn how to drive because I only had this day to learn how to drive. I had to
work on Sunday and go to school the five days. In same time, it caused me to
scary because what about if I face this kind of situation without observing the
leak, so just thinking like that, it is scary. This is why electric car is
better than other cars. People who thinks about the environment, they will
think the right choice, so choosing to buy electric car will be the right

The compare and
contrast strategy between electric cars and other cars. They are similar
because electric car stop when it is out of charges, same thing with other
cars, they stop if they are out of gas. Both cars can drive on freeway and a faraway
distance, so in this point, they are used to drive in highway and in street.
They depend on battery, so if the battery doesn’t work, they don’t work. This
happened if the battery gets weaker or when the wires are not plugged into the
battery correctly. The different between gas vehicles and electric vehicles is
that gas vechials cost a lot of money for oil change, and they need gas, but
electric cars can be charged in home by plugging the wire of its battery into
electricity. People who have electric car, don’t have to go to gestation to
fill the gas or change oil, they can stay home and charge their car, like
phones and other devises.  If we think
about the difference between them, we will find out these differences make the
electric cars more useful than gas cars. 

This car will
get developed by the time. It will have a small charger that can charge the car
without electricity. There are covers that can charge the phone without needed
to plug in into the electricity. These are called internal battery, that can be
carried in the packet and once people plug them into that battery, the phones
extremely get charged. In future the electric car will have these kind of
internal battery to charge the car. Whenever, the car stopped, and run out of
charge, this tool can charged by this internal battery. This car will work by
using remount control, like TV, changing the channels; this remount control’s
job is to park the car. It will have computer, to look on cars that are
surrounded your car. For instance, like camera video, it shows people who or
what cars are behind their car.  Because
of the developmentally of electric car over the time, it is a useful car to

The characteristics
of electric cars is that they don’t take that much time to get charged, so they
make the life easy and reduce wasting of time. 
The characteristics of electric car is that it makes the life easy and
save people’s money and time, it comes in different styles and colors. Having
an electric car, it doesn’t need to change oil or put gasoline, so it save the
time because it can be charged in home without driving to gestation. It comes
in different styles, so it comes like, BMW, camery, Mercedes, and Toyota. It
has different colors, so it comes in red, silver, black, and etc. For
owners,  electric car will be easily for
them to sell it because people want to have this car. According to the article,
explains that, “What if there
were new kinds of car that saved drivers money on
gas, and at the same time reduced global-warming pollution and decreased
reliance on foreign oil? Like, for instance, a plug-in hybrid electric”
(A better energy plan: Plug-in power”). This new car has many benefit
because it is not just about it saves money, but also it is about to reduce
global warming. Even though that some people don’t believe that global warming
is true, but still it is true for others. How about the air, the smokes that
come from gas cars affect the weather negatively. It also affects the species.
The electric vehicles acn drive a faraway disantce. In Electric car market gets
useful jump-start’s article exanimate that, “The Chevy Volt can go 25
miles to 50 miles on battery power alone; after that a gasoline engine kicks in
to power a generator for a total range of about 350 miles before fill-up or
recharge. The more limited battery-only Nissan Leaf can travel an estimated 62
miles to 138 miles before it needs a recharge.” This is significant
because it shows how the battery of electric vehicles can stay for a long time,
which makes it more convenient for the driver to drive a far distance. The
study estimates that “Fraction of the 250 million vehicles in America, but
they have helped cut gasoline use.” (“Electric car market gets useful
jump-start”). The study shows the number of people who use  electric cars are increased to reduce the
gasoline waste.  What characterized
the electric cars are the materials that’s in it.

Electric cars
cost doesn’t cost lots of money comparing togas vehicles. If the electric cars
cost 5,000, for example, the gas vehicles will cost double than gas cars and
maybe more. “In almost every way that counts, an electric car costs
significantly less to run and maintain than a gas-powered car. There is no gas
to buy, no oil changes, no smog tests, and fewer moving parts to break or wear
out. In fact, many electric car owners go years without any repair or service
bills at all.”  Changing oils cost
too much money plus putting gas cost a lot of money too. By just measuring the
amount of money that we put in gas vehicles, we will come up with one answer
which is that gas cars are too costly. This is what makes people prefer to buy
electric car instead of gas car. 








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