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Haya SalahiehMrs. GranadoELA, Period 1The Dust WitchIn a small abandoned building in Illinois sat a young woman by the crackling orange fire. She was tall, had hair as dark as midnight, and was blind but had vibrant green eyes. Forgotten, she had nothing to live for. Her name was Evanora, Eva for short. Evanora felt like she had no purpose and no future; each day running after the other, merely tapping her. The building she lived in was ugly, with uneven walls, and stunk like mildew. Its chimney huffed and puffed with black smoke as the fireplace burned ferociously in an effort to protect her from the dark and cold weather. However, the only thing that kept her going, was her ability to feel her surroundings so well it was like she could see them. Other talents of hers included making inanimate things move around her, and most importantly, seeing the past and futures of others. If she had been able to see her own future, she would not be sitting in an old abandoned building, feeling the rough skin of her hands on the dusty floor. A year ago, she had lost her mother to a terrible disease. Her mother was her only family. Evanora had seen her mother’s future in the back of her head and had seen her pale, wheezing, and dying, but she had no money for medicine or even a crumb of bread. She watched her mother crumble, and in a few months, die. With her last words, her mother whispered to her daughter with her dying wish, “I want you to find yourself, and complete yourself. Find your way.”Soon, Evanora had fallen into darkness, losing herself, and she was never coming back. She sat, alone, mumbling to herself. “I know the future of everyone, but myself,” she stutters, “maybe… I am not meant to be anyone, and I have no future to see.” She lay on the cold ground, weeping.The next day, while she was scavenging the garbage for breakfast in the alley as the winter winds howled fiercely, a bright yellow flyer blew into her grasp. She turned around and what looked like millions of those flyers were almost floating in the cool air. Scanning the flyer, she saw that it was an advertisement of a circus. In her mind, it was like a star had lit a bright path to her future. She knew that she had to see that circus for herself, wondering what her mind was trying to tell her.At the circus grounds, the tents were as green as freshly cut grass. There were colorful flags hung high fluttering with the wind while children giggled at the wondrous bearded lady. Beaming with colors and ancient engravings, a carousel stood tall. Then, Evanora, holding the flyer, notices that a man was staring at her. The man, a well-groomed fellow with dark-colored hair and eyes , walked up to her.”My name is Vesuvio the Lava Sipper. I see that the flyer had brought you here,” he said, with a beaming smile, “I think you will do well here. Show me what you can do!””I do not understand, but I will show you what I think you want to see” she stammered, nervous and confused.She then lifted up her fingers and moved them around, looking like she was tickling the tiny particles of air. With the quick motion of her hand flicking upwards, Vesuvio’s batons floated high up in the sky. Putting her hand down, the batons sunk with an enormous bang, onto the coarse gravel. “How do you do that?” Vesuvio shouted excitedly, and then grabbed Evanora’s arm and brought her, running into the tent. He tells her to repeat what she did earlier, with his batons, in front of a large man. “My name is Mr. Dark, and you shall be called The Dust Witch,” the man said sternly, “you are now part of my carnival.”Evanora then ran outside, around the circus, feeling the long grass of the colorful field. Vesuvio followed her, and she muttered, “I’ve never really known what to do with my powers.” She looked into the heavens. “I now know what I am meant to be!” she exclaims, “I do not need to see my future to know that it will be filled with my adventures in the circus!”The following morning, The Dust Witch was to perform for the first time on stage. Backstage, she put on a sparkling black dress, and felt ready but extremely nervous. She walked up onto the stage in front of a large crowd of people of all ages, their eyes all beaming at her with curiosity. Her mind was brambled with thoughts. I think… I think I can do this… no… I don’t… know. What she did know, was that she had to begin. With a tickle of her fingers, the whole arena went dark. She mumbles under her breath, “lying far and deep, you may come out of your sleep.” Suddenly, a loud roar burst through the arena. Bright and radiant streams of colors swooshed through the air, illuminating the stage. On it, stood two enormous lions next to her, all fierce and mighty with the orange hair of their mane, and the soft fur of their bodies. “Goodbye” she mumbled again, and the lights turned back on, and both the colors and lions disappeared. The crowd was silent, then burst with applause. As the crowd cleared, Mr. Dark jogged up to Evanora and yelled, “That was… Amazing!” He smiled at her and left. “Dark had never been so excited before. Good show!” Vesuvio then told Evanora.In the next years, Evanora had shown her true potential, and granted her late mother’s wish.

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