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Unit 206 The role of the health and social care worker. 1. Understand working relationships in health and social care. 1. 1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship. A working relationship is a professional relationship whereby needs of the service user are met and a personal relationship is a relationship whereby the needs of both the service user and staff member are met.

The difference between a working relationship and personal relationship is that a working relationship is different because of boundaries, professional codes of conduct, employer policies and procedures. n my working relationship I would be friendly have a different approach treat with equality I would know my role and responsibility I would not share personal information as I would with friends.

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Also a working relationship has no emotional attachment and is primary based around my Job, where as personal relationship has an emotional attachment due having family and personal friends and is not work related. 1. 2 Describe different working relationships in health and care settings. Some working relationships in health and social care settings may include befriending, counselling, roviding advice to a service user as well as relationships with other members of staff. The Different working relationships in health and social care setting would come into 3 types e. g. olicy making, administrative , and the hands on staff, the working relationship in health and social care starts with the policy making as they have to know everything from the law to the public sector and they will delegate the job of implementing decisions to the administration team ,who then will work out the correct forms charts procedures for action and reporting back, And the you get the Hands on staff who will implement these procedures in their daily Jobs. 2. be able to work in ways that are agreed with the employer. 2. 1 Describe why it is important to adhere to the scope of your Job role.

It is important to adhere to the scope of my Job role as this sets out boundaries in my Job role, and enables me to know my role and responsibilities, knowing my own level of competence and skills, to know my Job role, if someone asked me to do another role it wouldn’t be 0k if I carried out the tasks because I would not be trained for it and I could injure myself or others around me. . 2 access full and up-to-date details of agreed ways of working. Its Important to have up to date agreed ways of working as there may be changes in policies within the law. Your company may have to implement them to help protect the vulnerable.

The agreed ways of working are set of codes by the employer for the social care worker to conduct and inform service users and the public about the standards of conduct they can expect and includes legislation, practice standards and employers’ policies and procedures that should be met. It is the responsibility of social care orkers to work within the policy guidelines and following the laid -down procedures and ensuring that their conduct does not fall below the standards set out and that no action or omission on their part harms the wellbeing of service user.

Within my role I am updated threw team meetings which occur on a monthly basis. 2. 3 implement agreed ways of working. Agreed ways of working refers to the care plan. To implement agreed ways of working you follow the care plan. Duty of care is the obligation you have to exercise a level of care towards an individual, as is reasonable in all the circumstances, to avoid injury o that individual or his/her property. A dilemma can occur when an individual makes a risky choice. They have a right to do this and you must respect and support their choices but you also have a duty to keep them safe. . be able to work in partnership with others. 3. 1 explain why it is important to work in partnership with others. It is very important that you work in partnership with your colleagues and all other people. This will include carers, families, advocates, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, other health professionals, social workers, voluntary organisations and other people. Other people may be able to provide useful information to support you in your work and you may be able to provide useful information to support them in being part of the individual’s lives.

This is good partnership working. If there are communication difficulties with service users. A carer or family member can share information with you about how you can best communicate with an individual. 3. 3 Identify skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts. I try to handle conflict situations by remaining calm, ending the conflict before it escalates and remaining respectful of thers, I adopt an open-minded, non-judgemental approach.

However, there are times when this may seem impossible and the following skills are required: I openly discuss differences in a calm and rational manner. For example, when having heated professional discussions with colleagues: – avoid rising to challenges or suggestions that you are incorrect – ask colleagues to listen to you and respect your opinions, but also respect their opinions – if you feel you cannot resolve a conflict situation with a colleague then speak to your line manager – respect the advice of others, always be professional in your behaviour and attitude. monstrate active listening skills. – listen carefully to others, remember eye contact – acknowledge what they are saying by nodding your head – repeat a summary of what has been said to you – demonstrate empathy and understanding – seek advice, support and guidance from a manager or supervisor if you require it. You should approach conflict situations with care and try not to let your personal feelings affect your professional Judgement or manner. This is essential as being able to remain calm and rational can often defuse an escalating conflict situation

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