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Hello is anyone there I am trying to talk to you using this screen of white paper thing that is writing with black letters to tell you my life it is so mysterious but I hope you are listening to this amazing story. I am Immanuel Kant you may already know me because I am German philosopher during the enlightenment era of the late 18th century. I guess the rumor about me is that I am the amazing person that Critique of Pure Reason. Well, let’s not talk about my success not yet until I was older let’s start from the beginning I was born on April 22, 1724, in Konigsberg, Prussia, or what is now Kaliningrad, Russia. My parents (ugh) names are Johann Georg Kant my father and my mother is Regina Dorothea Reuter but this story I am telling you is not about them at all. They thought I was a harness maker, and our large family lived a humble life. My whole family was part of the Protestant religious group are also called “Pietists (a German religious movement whose members strongly believed in religious experience and biblical study).” The religious part has a big part of my whole life since I was born until the day died. I will always continue to like the pietists to appreciate what we have in life. My elementary school life was at Saint George Hospital school and then at the college of  Collegium Fridericianum, a very good school with lots religious things were I stayed at 1732 until 1740. At the school, I learned a lot really wonderful classic Latin literature and poet named Lucretius. Then in 1740, I had entered into the University of  Konigsberg as a theology student, and soon after I  became loving mathematics and physics. Then tragic a thing happened in my life in 1746, is when my father died he was forced to leave the university to go help his family. When I went to help his family I made a dedication to making money and I did I became a private tutor for the wealthy. During this time I was missing the physical world so when I privately tutored wealthy people I started to make some papers dealing with like scientific questions exploring the middle ground between rationalism and empiricism. I haven’t talked in awhile but it is now 1750 and I returned to the University of Konigsberg to continue my education. In the same year, I received my doctrine of philology. I for the next 15 years, I will work as a lecturer and tutor and begin my life works in my philology life. Then 10 years later, I became a professor at the same college I been going to for years, and I will be teaching metaphysics and logic. Then so many years later in 1781, my life paid off I made the Critique of Pure Reason it is most important one I will ever right on Western thoughts. I tried to make people understand reason and experiences interact with thought and understanding. I want people to understand mid organizes experience in understanding the real world. 

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