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HOMEWhen it comes to a car leasing service, being good just isn’t good enough. So we do our best! Reputation and experience in leasing has led us to bring our customers a quality auto leasing experience with some of the best lease deals around. You will discover best professionals, excellent support and great match for your requirements!OUR SELLING POINTS:Quality. Top Notch ProductAffordability. Flexible PricingSpeed. Fast as you needDRIVE WITH US:- Service you will feel safe with.Unlimited Mileage 24/7 supportFree FixReplacement CarLow Insurance ExcessSmall depositBE PART OF US:Are you an individual? Are you a businessman? Or you just need a car? We have all possible variations of services. Choose for yourself the ideal one. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS:————GET IN TOUCH:Do you have any questions? Contact our support teamABOUT USOUR STORY:Lumens hit the ground running in 2014, and now it seems as if the top vehicle leasing company has been around forever. That’s because good ideas catch on quickly and tend to go viral. And Lumens got its start with an excellent idea. OUR CARS:We specialize in high-end automobiles. You will find cars for every taste, for any situation with an ideal price. And of course, we can get you any lease and finance you need. Our industry relationship allows us to be in the know. We constantly strive to offer the lowest payments on all leases and finances.Maintenance:Engine Maintenance. The best way to maximize life of the car and ensure that your car performs on the road as originally designed.Interior Maintenance. The best assurance of good performance and fuel economy. A healthy running engine maximizes the life of emission system components.Frequent washing and polishing is the best way to protect your car’s finish from the damaging effects of acid rain.Inspect your car in every aspect. To assure that it works perfectly.Customer Services:The biggest thing that keeps customers coming back to us for years is not just our car leasing specials, or our famous low prices (although those certainly don’t hurt). What keeps customers across Singapore loyal is our customer service. We pride ourselves on our unbeatable team of consummate auto professionals.Our customer service representatives will provide you all important information and resolve any emerging problems that you might face with accuracy and efficiency. Don’t hesitate to contact them anytime. PROMOTION:1st version. Lumens has always led the way in leasing through innovation, financial strength,  and integrity. Among our clientele are the finest of businesses and individuals. Discerning customers, who demand the utmost in care and confidentiality, choose Lumens for the best deals and the finest in service.2nd version. Every one of our clients is dealt with on an individual and personal basis. Given our low overhead costs, we can provide rates to customers that no dealership can match. Whether you are looking to lease finance or buy – we can service all of your needs, any make and model. Once you have settled on the car you desire, we will do the rest for you. CAREERS:Start Your Career with UsOur core philosophy is people over process. Our culture has been instrumental to our success and helped us to create  a great team, making work here more satisfying for everyone.We share ideas with leading companies like Apple, Netflix, BMW, Ford and others. Here are Our Core Values:You make wise decisions despite ambiguity,You listen well and seek to understand before reacting,You learn rapidly and eagerly,You take smart risks and are open to possible failure,You are quietly confident and openly humble,You accomplish amazing amounts of important work,You love what you doing.BE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY.

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