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Tina Cavender 30 October 2013 In the article “12 Things we Know About How the Brain Works” there were ten different topics on various things that are proven to be about the brain. One topic was stating that exercise helps the brain in many ways, while the next topic was that the brain is an organ that has made the survival of humans possible.

The following topics were: every brain is different, attention is not given to things uninteresting, repeating an idea helps remember it, sleep is effective of the brains functions, stress ffectives how the brain learns, and that the sight of the idea in place is more stimulated that the other ways of learning it. With the information on these topics given in the article there are a few ways to improve brain function and memory capabilities. At the start of the article it states that exercise is a simple way to help strengthen The brain functionality.

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It does not give the answer to why this will help but gives fact that in comparison to people that are lacking in physical activity, they prevail in test results of long-term memory, reasoning, attention, problem-solving, nd fluid-intelligence tasks, these all being characteristic of normal human abilities. Another statement made in the article is that all minds are different, which is not a direct way to improve brain capabilities, it is a way to think of a brain not needing or being able to be directly linked to another brain. This statement can help to lower the stress level of needing to be the same, intellectually, as another person.

Multi-tasking is frowned upon by in this article, because it dislocates focus from other things that are being attempted at the same time. This section also covers the fact that if something is uninteresting or there is something more interest you have, that the brain will not pay attention to in or refrain the context. Repeating an idea helps incredibly though. This is because if an idea Is shown more than once it refrains it better. The process of hearing, seeing, writing, ect. Of an idea is ther actor that gives a more likely chance of remembering it later. As well sleep also improves brain functions.

If lacking sleep the brain does not have proper amount of nergy to function the way it should, therefore causing lack of memory, and the refrainment of new knowledge. This also corresponds with have too much stress. The same effect can also be caused by a high level of stress that would act toward the brain the same way that slack of sleep would. Pictures, the way to capture the moment or frame, or the video that you Just need are better at giving knowledge than words. This is proven, that if learning with a model or picture resemblance helps the refrainment of knowledge easier and more efficient than a writing or entry about a opic.

In all a simple way, gaining through the article, to help strengthen a brain functionality is to exercise a bit more, try not to reach or hide the way and amount of learning you have, do not try to multi-task while learning, repeat a learning method of review things more than once, get enough sleep to function for the day, don’t stress too much, and find a picture to go with that. After going through the article in detail it may be found that this is an effective and simplistic way to help Improve oraln Tunctlonallty Dy an extent.

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