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How to break bad habits and develop good habits everyone has some bad habits it can be spending so much money on shopping postponing work using social networks way too much and much more. We are well aware that these bad habits we try to get rid of it but we fail. Habits are our behavior and nature of our action but we can change them. It is difficult because we like it but its not impossible so we have to get rid of the bad habits. Here we have some of the suggestions on how to break bad habits and replace it with good ones- 1- find the cause it happens sometimes that we start any habit like smoking drinking in stress situations and after sometimes it becomes your habit. Whenever you are stressed you start to smoke. Find trigger that triggers you to do it. Watch yourself and identify your bad habits. 2- get rid of bad habits slowly quitting smoking or stop eating fast food cannot be done in 1 day. In stressful situations you will start again. So the best way is to try gradually. Remove junk food from your working area; dont buy more than one packet at one time. 3- replace bad with good ones for example if you are watching television for a long time try to read any interesting book at that time. We develop the bad habit as a result of needs so think about another way to fulfill your needs. 4- create environment if you are trying to get rid of bad habit and learning something new then create a favorable environment for it. For example- if you want to avoid shopping then just say to friends if they are asking or eat something good for dinner so that you wont even think of searching something in the refrigerator at night. 5- learn from your mistakes there will be situations where you will fail and you will return to old habits but dont feel bad. Be prepared for the failure and dont give up. Work on yourself and learn from your mistake and try not to repeat again. 6- make promise to yourself if you are such a person who keeps promises then promise yourself that you will quickly get rid of harmful habits. 7- dont give up in any situation you should not give up. If you really want to quit anything just do it. You will fail one time two times but one day you will succeed. 8- monitor your progress keeping track of your progress will keep you motivated and you will definitely form a new good habit. If you are really happy with your result then you should reward yourself. Between 5-10 days make yourself happy by buying something or by eating something good or anything that makes you happy. 

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