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There are many non verbal cues to consider when judging how someone feels about you. Eye contact is one of the various ways to communicate without using words. If someone gives you little or no eye contact this could mean that they are not interested in word exchange. This also may mean that they have no intention on creating an acquaintance. Eye contact is important because this is a way of not only knowing if someone is interested, but also if they understand and follow the conversation and or message in which you are trying to convey. Body language is also a very important cue of non verbal communication.

There are many different ways through body language to judge someone’s interest. For example, if you were to approach someone and throughout the entire conversation their arms are crossed, this is a giveaway that they were not pleased or concerned with the encounter. Body language is important because it is a very easy determination to how someone feels. The final non verbal cue to judging if someone like you is their voice inflection. If you speak to someone and they answer you with a strong and welcoming voice, it is evident that they are interested in continuing the conversation.

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Voice Inflection is important because you can tell by the use of such things as sarcasm how someone feels and what they are saying without actually saying it. Stereotyping is a fixed impression of a group of people; however this does not mean that these assumptions are true. Ethnocentrism is the tendency to evaluate the values, beliefs, and behaviors of your culture as more superior and as more positive, logical, and natural than those of other cultures. These theories are alike in that one automatically judges another group bialy, but differ in the reasons why.

On Bowie States campus many different types of stereotypes come about. For instance, due to D. C’s high crime rate, many people automatically assume that the students from that area are violent and abuse substances such as marijuana and alcohol. An ethnocentrism that commonly takes place is the belief that the students from Montgomery and Prince George’s county are better than students from other area because of the wealth of the area. These factors effect communication because they make the interpretation of communication unclear due to bias and or sometimes prohibit it from taking place all together.

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