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         Human life
in this age is very challenging. The more challenging life causes the emergence
of “New Syndrome” that attacks people ie stress. Hatta Sidi and
Mohamed Hatta Shaharom (2002) have pointed out that stress is part of human
life ever since unknowingly. Stressn is not a strange thing for today’s
society. Normal pressure is experienced by all types of people when in a state
of less or less calm. In general, stress words have been widely used in several
different contexts. Stress and life are closely related to the lifestyle,
character of a person, family factor, urbanization process and cultural shock
to modernization. Pressure is a disease often associated with mental health and
often attacks the community today. Mental health as defined by the  World Health Organization(WHO).Stress at work
is an emotional and physical response that occurs when a conflict between the
job requirements of the employee and the ability of the worker to meet the
expectations and expectations. In general, the combination of high demand of
care and low amount of control over a situation can lead to stress.

        Stress is
an important thing and is often associated with individual work performance,
health and productivity levels (Rohany & Fatimah, 2006). Pressure can also
affect productivity and quality of employees if not handled effectively. Hence,
work stress can negatively affect the health of the employees and consequently
the individual’s well-being. For individuals who work, most of the life is
filled with working hours. Role in the workplace is a priority for some working
groups, while households or families are second to none. It can not be denied
the importance of employment for a person, not just an economic factor but a
job assigns a social status to an individual. Thus, the success of a person in
his work is often regarded as a factor in success in life. On the other hand
failure in career is considered a failure in life. The problem faced by
individuals at work will lead to stress, because 2 jobs are the bulk of the
lives of an individual. High work pressure can also negatively affect family
relationships. (Rohany, 2003) While according to Maarof & Hazlinda (2008)
in everyday life, humans are constantly faced with the stresses that sometimes
challenge their life function. However, stress is not only a negative impact on
our lives but also a driving force for more active and productive behavior.
Strictly speaking, although stress is usually considered as negative, however,
stressful elements that can be addressed are necessary in human life because of
such pressure, play a role in promoting behavior. The stress that gives a
positive impression especially that promotes positive behavior is known as
eustress, but the extreme pressure can not be resolved and has a negative
effect known as distress. For extreme pressure and extreme stress, it can
damage the lifestyle and health of an individual. Meanwhile, stress is also
believed to be the largest contributor to chronic diseases such as cancer, lung
problems, suicide and heart problems. In addition, stress is also often
associated with mental health and often attacks the community today. Human life
in this millennium is very challenging and complex. The diversity and
complexity of this life led to the emergence of “New Syndrome” that
attacked people namely pressure or more commonly known as “stress”.
According to Hatta Sidi & Mohamed Hatta (2002) stress is a part of human
life ever since unknowingly. It changes face in time. Pressure is not something
foreign to these 3 countries. Pressure is usually experienced by all humans
when in an unpleasant situation. From the psychological point of view, a person
who experiences stress will be in anxiety, low-level, confused and
quick-tempered. While in physiology, individuals will experience muscle
tension, headache, backache, insomnia, heart attack and high blood pressure.
Pressure is also believed to be the leading cause of coronary heart disease,
cancer, lung problems, accidents and suicide (Asmawati & Siva, 2002).
Through research by Mohd Awang, Dollard and Wine Field, (2010) finds the
majority of respondents surveyed %) agreeing the pressure on work has increased
recently. According to Helvinder (2003) in the World Health Organization (WHO)
report there are about 100 million people in the world depressed at any one
time. In a report issued by the United Nations, pressure in the office was
labeled as a ‘disease’ of the 20th century and the World Health Organization
(WHO) also reported that stress was the World Epidemic. Online Online in its
report dated 8th. November 2011 also reports that almost half of Malaysian
workers work more than 8 hours a day and take home regularly to settle in the
evening. Such situations can cause a person to be under pressure and certainly
many negative implications occur when a person can not controlling the stress
of work will further impact on job satisfaction. From various studies on
stress, it is found that the cause and effect of pressure is too wide and there
are other factors that cause identification and analysis of the pressure to be
more complex. Previous studies have also focused on the use of research tools
such as the Job Descriptive Index and Osipow Occupational Stress Inventory in
measuring the pressure and effects of stress. The new study tool introduced in
Malaysia and has not been widely used is the Occupational Stress Indicator
(OSI). Therefore, the researcher has chosen to use the Occupational Stress
Indicator (OSI) test tool to conduct a study to see the differences in work
stress factors among the staff of the Food Safety and Quality Division of the
Perak State Health Department based on demographics where independent variables
are the factors of work stress and variables relying on gender, age, duration
of service and marital status..

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