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am having keen interest in cosmology and physics. Mystery of beginning of the
universe leads to number of questions that I want to know and research about.
The biggest secret is according to ‘The Big Bang theory’ which states
everything starts to begin from a singularity that is point of infinite density
and pressure. This theory breaks all the laws of physics and give rise to other
ones like parallel universe and space-time within the black hole. Other things
that attracts me towards cosmology is gravity and its origin. Scientists still
baffle about the existence of particles of gravity that leads to gravitation
field. Number of missing things in basic model of physics make me more curious
about the findings and outcomes in future. Moreover, we don’t ever know the
shape and size of the universe as we have visible limit to the observable
universe. All these things ignite my passion towards physics. Strange behavior
of time close to black hole make things even more surprising in the
understanding and working of the universe.

in particle physics electrons, mesons and other fundamental particles behave
strangely with respect to position and time and their interaction with other
particles. Along with the secrets of dark energy and dark matter. In particular
physics the speed of light is constant through out the universe why it is so no
one’s knows and is still out of our box of understanding. On the other hand,
birth of matter and anti-matter is another loop in the never-ending curve.
Quest of solving these existences will be challenging and utterly difficult.

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Part 2: My Business

A)   Name
of my business would be Group of Cosmology and Applied Sciences, GCAS.

B)   My
business would be not-for profit sole proprietorship business. All the money
given by science charity will be used in research.

C)   The
goals of the business would be:

Finding answers to the
beginning of the universe so that we can we can the unsolved part and use those
findings in future use.

Solving the mystery of dark
matter and dark energy and using those in making propulsion systems for a
reliable and efficient rocket that can go faster and further.

D)   Computers
would be the basic necessity for my business as most of research is based on
data analysis which is given by different institution from around the world.

Big Data Analysis: Most of the
data in cosmology is in Giga Bytes there can be data worth of hundreds of giga
bytes for which my company need systems that are capable of handling that much
amount and do queries on that. Like in cosmology there is always some data that
is not used so we have to delete that data so that we can work the data which
we really need for research.

3D modeling: For finding the
shape of the universe systems that we use in the company must be compatible to
make models from the data. From that 3D modeling can be used for study and
analyzing part.

Analysis:  Most of my company work would
be based on prediction like if we are working on propulsion system what should
be the thrust, power and how long should the ignition last. By working on
different outcomes we can get the best one for the companies around the world.

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